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Alex Walz 06-03-2011 07:53 PM

A Look at Army Camps
In the latest Fantasy Friday Media Update, Reverie World Studios gave fans a sneak peak at Dawn of Fantasy's impressive Army Camp system, complete with 15 new screenshots of camps and surrounding, randomized terrain. In the Kingdom Wars and Online Kingdom game modes, army campies serve as forward bases for armies away from their homeland, allowing them to recruit and heal units, manage a small economy, and construct a siege weapons without traveling back to the homeland or a nearby NPC stronghold. In addition, army camps give players a base for exploring the surrounding region - complete with rogue knights, wild, huntable animals, monsters, merchants, and even large villages!

Today we will be looking at Army Camps and Explorable Regions, an important aspect of both Online Kingdom and Kingdom Wars gameplay. Please note that today we will only be exploring the three playable realms, as a subset of army camps, but we will show off some new dwarf units next week before we make our way into the Dragon Realm of Sssilistra and Bal Rattha!

We have discussed camps and exploration, but have previously only skimmed the surface. To recap, an Army Camp is something that you can build anywhere within the nine playable regions with an army traveling the world map. These camps serve as forward bases for armies away from their homeland, and can be built with a variable amount of defenses - in direct proportion to the cost of setting up the camp. Once built, army camps allow players to construct siege weapons, recruit units, and establish a small economy if they brought worker units along. In Kingdom Wars, these functions can be used from either the World Map or from the actual camp, while in the Online Kingdom, all management is done in the RTS View mode, as seen in the majority of the screenshots below. In addition, units will heal within the perimeter of an army camp, which, in the long run, can provide much cheaper healing than visiting a nearby NPC town. Army Camps can also be built near enemy strongholds for prolonged battles, enabling battalions to recover in the camp between waves.

Army camps can be attacked by both AI and player armies, so you'll still want to bring along enough military units to protect trade convoys or pay more for a camp with greater defenses. Units can also venture out of their camp once the player has used the "View" function to zoom-in on the army camp. The surrounding area is a randomized instance of that region - complete with rogue camps, wolf packs, enemy armies, and villages the player can interact with. Many of these units will attack the player on sight, but some villages have representatives you can talk to with any of your units, meaning you don't have to bring your Hero along for interaction. Like the NPC stronghold merchants, these units will often seek to trade with you - and players often find that they get the best deals when they trade with villages off the beaten path.

But take heed when you venture out of the camp as the region is alive when enemy armies circling your camp and great ogres awaiting their next meal. Your palisade walls can only protect you from so much.

Head on over to our Media Fair Forum for the screenshots and discussion!

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