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Solymer89 06-03-2011 11:46 AM

Micromanagement in battles
As the title suggests, will there be a lot of micromanaging in battles. I read about the awsome mage battles this game has but wonder how it's handled. In the features section it says it takes a long RPG type progression to really get into the magic. Is this just for mages or do other unit types have special abilities that they must train for or "level up" too?

This game looks simply amazing and I hope the mechanics are fairly intuitive and easy to pick up. I hate feeling limited in what I can do in a battle because your focus needs to be spread around the entire battlefield.

Also hoping/looking forward to getting in to the beta!

Whiplash27 06-05-2011 10:04 AM

I've only just started, but battles feel a lot like the Total War series of games. So if you've played any of those games, the battles should feel quite similar to that. Early on it seems easy to just rush at your opponents, I'm sure that once you get further through your quests and also start playing against other people, that that kind of strategy won't be so useful.

Ghost 06-06-2011 12:17 PM

Magic won't be added in until post-release, but is planned.

Micromanagement is not too intensive compared to some other games, but definitely can be the difference between winning and losing. Against an NPC, it's pretty easy to just rush for the most part. PvP hasn't been enabled yet, but I imagine it will be much different against a human opponent. There are "hard counters" so it will be important to micromanage your units so that they're using their strengths to their advantages.

Konstantin Fomenko 06-06-2011 01:42 PM

Keep in mind - with the brand-new pathfinding system, and new unit tasking system (you`ll be able to draw formation how it works in Empire/Shogun Total War for example) - micro-management will be easier with massive battles. Right now positioning shield infantry in-front, archers behind e.t.c requires individually tasking all the battalions:D

Mrmekz 06-25-2011 06:42 PM

If this is anywhere close to Total War style battles, it's doing it for me.

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