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NobleIre 03-12-2011 02:52 PM

DoF Fanfic Directory
Hello everyone! We've started to get a lot of fanfiction floating around here, so I decided we needed a convenient place to collect it all. So here goes. If you have anything that you'd like changed (titles, etc.) or a fanfiction that you write that you'd like added, just post here or PM me and i'll change/add it! I'll try to keep abreast of the new fanfics, but I can't promise I won't miss one or two. Best to post a link here or PM me to be certain.

Dawn of Fantasy Fan-Fiction

-Sorted by race/faction-

Orc Stories

The Curse Breaka Clan – An Orc Tale

The Orc with Witt – A Dawn of Fantasy Tale

Grrrrr MADA!!

The Winter Romp – A CBC Story

CBC and the Great Boar Launcher!

Only the War

LTK’s Fanfic

Elf Stories

Aerlfredith Fanfiction

The Lord’s Tale

Uka Un

The Giant Sea Turtles


Human Stories

The Forbidden Fatherhood



The Chronicles of Arthas

The Emergence

Other or Unclear faction

The “Social” Structure of Dwarves

List of Lies

Haval the Father

War of the Lost Kings

Tale of the Tonger

Two and a Half Men

Revenger571 03-12-2011 07:29 PM

Thanks for listing them all time to read some i havent seen before :D

NobleIre 03-17-2011 03:57 PM

No problem, just felt this needed to be done.

Shakur 03-28-2011 12:17 PM

haha i like sounds in videogames so much 04-07-2011 01:28 PM

n1n11! dude :D

Tazorzs 04-23-2011 03:03 AM

Plenty to read through. Seems like the fans are pumped.

Darksinkin 06-26-2011 06:32 AM

nice stuff
nice stuff around here :D

Sythin1 07-01-2011 10:08 AM

Real nice :)

miguelanaconda 09-09-2011 01:11 PM

an elven story
Wood elves believe they are the oldest race. They possess the oldest written documents I have yet to find, dating back to 3,000 DA. The dates of oral history is much more difficult to define because of conflicting reports, some marking the first to be at least from 10,000 DA, while others indicate the time is 17,000 DA. Only the gods know which race is the eldest; however, if wood elves are not the first race, they qualify as one of the oldest.

All races sprang forth from the elves as all gods and goddesses sprang forth from Mother Goddess, Arilynvia. She blessed the wood elves with grace and dignity, relishing in their traditions and worship as she gifted them in the arts, in perfection of craftsmanship. Arilynvia cherished her children, her first creation, and as she grew closer to her people, conflicting aspects within her, pieces of her psyche, sprang away into the other gods and goddesses.

Envious of Arilynvia’s power, the gods and goddesses started a war amongst themselves. The Goddess Valta distracted Arilynvia, and while the Mother tried to restore order among the gods, Valta sneaked up behind her and stole a lock of hair.

She leached out the magic within and hurled it down onto a proud wood elf, Arbolkopee, while he sat down to a fish dinner. He had turned away from Arilynvia’s light when he publicly slandered an elf, fabricating the evidence and thus, won his way to becoming Emperor, the ruler with the shortest reign in all of elven history.

The magic, cursed by Valta’s hand, caused Arbolkopee to fracture into many different people of new races. Most of these were black or dark-blue with elfish features, but some, those from the parts of the elf nearest the fish, became the green scaled amphibious fish-men, the maakvir. The dark elves, some having sprung from Arbolkopee’s head, were furious at losing the throne. They retreated underground, and became great enemies of the wood elves. The teratai cared little for power, and left peacefully, in search of a watery home.

The other weak gods longed for followers to worship them. Several gods stole wood elves, changing them with magic, creating the dragons, vikings, orcs and humans. These races are despised and never trusted. Some wood elves on the fringe of society enjoyed travel. They forgot their home, and of these, other gods took in, including the dwarves, undead and insectoid. These races are pitied, the shameful cousins who have lost their way.

Both practical and romantic, wood elves are a duel combination like soft vines supported upon a great oak. They fully believe these legends, and this is part of the reason they’ve chosen such an isolated existence in the spruce and oak forests near the icy northern plains.:)

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