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Alex Walz 01-31-2011 07:27 PM

Reverie World Expands... Again!
Reverie World is excited to welcome a number of new developers into its ranks. To help with the final push, six new and very talented developers have joined Reverie over the last two months.

They are:

Tyler Dodge - Utilities Programmer
Noel "Guardious" Bohac - QA Tester
Tim Rasmussen - QA Tester
Henry "krabs" Martin - QA Tester
Mark "AluSeph" Hatchel - QA Tester
Antanas Balvocius - 3D Animator

Tyler, who joined a month before the other five, has been working on Dawn of Fantasy's updater utility, ensuring that beta testers have a stress-free installation and patching. Noel, Tim, Henry, and Mark have been working with the beta testers to find and replicate bugs, and have been particularly busy testing out the new MMORTS quests our scripters are hard at work on. Antanas joined us today with a very impressive portfolio, and will be animating our new hero models.

So please give them a warm welcome and keep an eye out for their names. :)

GPS51 01-31-2011 08:37 PM

Congrats to the new guys at RWS. Especially "krabs" whom I've had the pleasure of pestering with lots of bug reports :)

Rhino 02-01-2011 12:07 AM

They are so lucky to be able to work with a game like this. Good work guys! ;)

Desthin 02-01-2011 12:16 AM

I'm totally jealous.

But because of one of them i actually learned about the game so i guess i cant be TOO upset about it :rolleyes:

pkdavid 02-01-2011 02:33 AM

Welcome you guys. Doing a good job, and the game must be good for June 3 ;). How many people worked in the now DevTeam ?

Rycon 02-01-2011 08:22 AM

Welcome devs/Qa testers.Hope you have fun doing what you like most!

szebus 02-01-2011 09:02 AM

Best wishes to you lads and give us a good game :D

Noel Bohac 02-01-2011 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by pkdavid (Post 42052)
Welcome you guys. Doing a good job, and the game must be good for June 3 ;). How many people worked in the now DevTeam ?

lol, allot, but you know the more the better. The final stretch and allot of debugging, touches etc.. you know how it goes. But it will be a blast guys, promise! All of us are huge strat fans so alas it's the perfect team atm.

Alex Walz 02-01-2011 12:50 PM

Yeah, there's a decent number of devs, but not many are full time - and some are just friends of employees brought on to help with a particular task. After DOF's release, we will likely switch over to a more orthodox office with more full timers.

pkdavid 02-01-2011 03:37 PM

You'll make a DOF 2? Or another style of play? Or you can not tell you details about that?

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