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Feweh 04-01-2008 01:32 PM

My Thoughts on DoF
Well, after viewing the video on Gametrailers and for some reason only hearing about this game from there i have one word.


Never has any game ever combined different races and brought to you a unique castle/siege system. Not to mention it's going to be on the x360 (Thank God).

Well i'm for sure picking up a copy, probably on my xbox so i can avoid the lag due to my ****ty computer.

Anyways, it's so great to finaly see a game that i've been searching for for so long.

Thank you so much.

Chromatism 04-01-2008 03:19 PM

We have another one!

I welcome you as a fellow adventurer in Noobiness! :D

Redzone 04-01-2008 05:21 PM

Here I am setting up an account on Saga and then bring up game trailers to see whats new, I see an RTS game that says its an MMO, yet has graphics similar to AOE3 and lots of units of screen. Ok what the deal, How the hell this go under everyones radar?

Jean=A=Luc 04-01-2008 06:00 PM

Seams the trailer has really managed to garner some attention, DoF needs it.

But I must say that imho the current trailer is pretty bad. Narration is just awful and overdone (I'm sorry but it is) and prevents a good number of people from taking the game seriously. Also, aside from mentioning it's a MMO the trailer makes DoF look pretty generic (humans, orcs, elves, gather resources, fight, blah, blah...). DoF, I think, deserves a better trailer that emphasizes its special features like the interesting magic system, RPG-ish unit combat values, fighting mounts, naval combat, interesting economy and magic systems etc.

I'm sorry for the criticism but I made it with the best intentions in mind. Luckily a lot of people looked beyond and gathered some more information about the game.

Redzone 04-01-2008 06:11 PM

Your right, the Human, Orc and Elf races are way too overdone. It does look like just another RTS and it could be. I was also hoping for some different looking types too, like human regional groups with a more Japanese or Persian feel to them as well. I always reserve my judgement to when I actually play the game though. None the less its caught my attention.

This game wont be taken seriously until it can prove its truely different from the crowd and that wont come until a playable aspect of the game is released.

The Witch King of Angmar 04-01-2008 06:23 PM

It'll especially stand out since it has Dragons as a faction.

jap88 04-01-2008 06:27 PM

Yes, to a gamer that is just skimming through, DoF is going to look like a VERY generic game. Perhaps the appeal they'll see is the MMORTS, and they may see the dragons as a playable faction. Beyond that, however, they probably won't see the depth of the game unless they go search for some background knowledge - something most gamers won't do. Oftentimes, they'll judge by screenshots and a number given on a rating site.

Jean=A=Luc 04-01-2008 06:45 PM

There is a lot of intellectual laziness among gamers, especially younger ones looking for a quick thrill. I saw comments along the lines of, "Everyone's going to be the dragon, dragons are powerful creatures and therefore imba". They don't even go so far as to consider that the dragon faction will most likely be implemented in some kind of a rational, balanced way. In their mind the developers' train of thought is something like this: "Omg, let's put in dragons, they r strong and bre4the fire, dragonz pwn everythin', ololololoololo..."

I don't mind the generic fantasy races as long as they're well done and DoF has great diversity from what I've seen so far. Better than having Zimblonians, Kraggarhs and Eskimos, "innovation" for its own sake with crappy concept and game play.

But, as I said, despite these negatives, the trailer seams to have had a positive outcome.

Chromatism 04-02-2008 03:16 AM

I have to agree Jean Luc, there is a great deal of intellectual laziness. I could name a few factors that I feel are genuinely destroying the gaming industry as I know it... Too few times do you actually see a company really taking the chance and striking out for a decent property that really puts your mind to some good use.

I remember a recent interview with Cliffy B (Gears of War Lead Designer) who stated, rather cynically, that gamers don't wish to learn the equivalent of German before they actually start playing the game.

This truly does seem to be the age of consolization. People just want a quick fix between WoW sessions (which I personally feel is a hellish, abject tedium farted out of the crack of Hades himself!) which means a shallow, though possibly fun experience that doesn't have the depth to grip you like some of the classics.

As for the trailer, I'd like to think it does say something positive about those who did manage to look past the /possible/ mediocrity of the game mechanics flaunted.

And to be honest, even if I did have any fears, just reading the feature list put me at ease. But that's the point, I'll actually take the time to dig for the facts! Which, as Jap88 mentioned, is something that your average gamer of today simply won't do. I genuinely feel that DoF is in very safe hands, and I'm seriously looking forward to helping with the beta and playing the end result! I just hope more people really do take it on board...

Redzone 04-02-2008 08:33 AM

At the same time your starting to see certain studios that are starting to appear that work on longer projects. These include, Valve, Maxim, Blizzard, Infinity Ward, Relic and other great studios that take lots of time to create one single product and are never hampered for taking as much time as they need. A similar division in industry studios already occured in the film industry long before. Developers now must prove to producers that they can put out on a time frame before they are given free raine to create what they want.

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