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Konstantin Fomenko 03-19-2008 09:21 AM

MMORTS Showcase # 1

As promised this week we are back with more media and showcases for you. This time lets look at something different - Dawn of Fantasy as MMORTS. While DoF does deliver on the single-player front with a full-feature single-player campaign and skirmish mode, lets state this for the record - mmorts is what Dawn of Fantasy is all about. It was our decision to try and bring a solid presentation both online and offline - but you`ll be the judge of how well we managed that - this summer.

Meanwhile, having to keep majority of MMORTS features secret until the beta stage there is still quite a bit that we can share. Over the next couple of weeks we`ll have a 4 part showcase of Character Creation process.

Konstantin Fomenko 03-19-2008 09:39 AM

I am sure all of us have went through countless character creation screens in the past. be it WoW, Everquest, maybe even BftME 2. Your online experience in DoF will start exactly the same way - with creating your character – in our case, your city.

After choosing your race, you`ll be free to select where on the world map you would like to start - choosing your visual surrounding and gameplay style with it. This might seem like a minor decision - would my city be in a desert or in a swamp? But reality is - you`ll be choosing one of 9 sub-races. Due to the nature of different regions your gameplay experience with the same race with greatly vary.

For example - if you play as Orcs of the Desert - with no wood and no food around, but great many gold deposits, and huge bonus to looting enemy corpses and buildings, and much cheaper cavalry - you’ll most likely play as aggressive horde, raiding green territories of the north to make due, using mostly cavalry and infantry - as these require gold to build.

Now - if you’ll play as Men of the Grassland - a green pasture land with rivers and forests, but almost no gold deposits - you`ll have great food gathering economy, with all the pasture and farming bonuses, but due to the lack of gold, you`ll be forced to use great many ranged units - which would both make you great at defending your stronghold, or laying siege to the enemy, but quite bad with the open field battles.

Now, lets start by looking at 3 human regions available to the player.

Konstantin Fomenko 03-19-2008 09:44 AM

Bellow are shots from the character creation menu - region selection for the race of Men. I am including some stats about each region - however, I`ll only mention economic changes, and leave out all the variations in research, upgrades, unit and building prices and availability.

Men of The Southmount - Alpine Region.
Large amounts of forested areas, but half these areas are not accessible due to cliffs. Good number of gold - 8, and over the top stone mines - 16. Almost no open space on the map – natural defences and choke points. No hunting opportunities. No farm land.
-Sheep fattening / generation rate + 50%
-Stone gathering rate + 35%
-Pig and Cow fattening / generation rate - 40%
-All Upgrades and Research - 35% cost

Southmont players have by far the best Strongholds. Abundance of stone mines allows creating best fortifications and fully upgrading them. Having to concentrate on sheep herding, and good access to gold mines, player is able to turtle-up, quest, research and prosper.

Men of The Rollingplain - Great Plains Region.

Almost no forest, plenty of gold mines – 12, some stone mines – 4. Lots of open space on the map, but limited hunting opportunities - 4 deer hordes.
-Gold Mining rate + 25%
-Wood Gathering rate – 15%
-Cow, sheep, pig fattening / generation rate – 35%
-Farming gathering Rate – 20%

Having to turn towards gold-based economy Rollingplain players will user cavalry and infantry as the backbone of their army. Lack of ranged units will create some difficulty with sieges, but Rollingplain riders will top any cavalry of the world. Slow to build and expand the city, due to lack of wood, player will be easily able to raise a stone stronghold.

Men of The Wold - Grassland Region.

Lots of forested areas, some gold mines – 4, and almost no stone mines – 2. Some open space on the map, great hunting opportunities – 12 deer hordes.
-Wood Gathering +30%
-Cow, sheep, pig fattening / generation rate + 35%
-Farming gathering Rate + 20%
-Hunting Rate + 40%
-Gold & Stone Mining rate - 25%

Wold players will rely on strong economy and ranged units. Easy to expand the city and raise palisade walls, lack of stone slows down castle building. However, great wood income and significant ranged combat bonuses, makes this player best with offensive siege warfare. However, grassland woods filled with mighty Wold archers and rangers will prove to be a great defensive combination as well.

Jean=A=Luc 03-19-2008 10:04 AM

Awesome. Thanks for the thorough update. :)

The mountainous regions seams imba: great stone/gold mining bonuses, strong defensive position (looks almost impervious to ground assault), low upgrade costs. Even its supposed weakness is somewhat compensated by the enhanced sheep herding. Although the food penalty (no hunting, no farming) is immense, that's the key I suppose.

Btw, shouldn't it be goats? Goats are th ones who are accustomed to hilly terrain, ship are more like other plains adapted livestock. Maybe I'm wrong. On second thought I probably am. :p

Will there be trading options? Something like the classical Age of Empires market where you can exchange surplus resources for more needed ones? Or maybe the trading should be done between players?

Konstantin Fomenko 03-19-2008 10:21 AM

Well - mountain goats would fit better. However, sheep provide slow income of gold thorugh the trade of fleece and Southmount players can use that extra boost for researching and upgrading as well as the food income from sheep.

And sure - Southmount players are a safe bet for defensive players, someone who wants to take it easy, build up, research, do a fare deal of questing, and be sure he`s safe against other players attacks. Real Turtle here.

However, it’ll take Southmount player a great deal longer before he`ll have a strong enough army to successfully wage war against fellow players and acquire new territory.

crex719 03-19-2008 11:59 AM

This is really good because I am a habitually defensive player and these choke points can help out alot.
wait...what did you mean aquiring new territory?

Jean=A=Luc 03-19-2008 01:35 PM

I didn't know sheep can also produce gold that way. It's pretty neat. :)

On the other hand Men of The Rollingplain only have a decent gold bonus (and a lot of open space which seams to be a kind of a resource in itself) but many penalties and they also seam to be quite vulnerable to attack...maybe.

I may have noticed an irony. Those who are rich with important resources like the Southmount people are at the same time the most difficult to attack while those who are more vulnerable don't have that much that's worth stealing (not that they're poor or anything).

Also of the two factions who live in the "flat" regions one has more gold and some stone but is low on food and wood while the other is its economic opposite.

So I see a situation like this: Rollingplane and The Wold raid each other for resources they lack while the "highlanders" have a quieter time, sitting, building up and watching the other two pwn each other but so as not to be imba their severe food shortage make it hard for them to mount an offensive. Humans aren't the only race of course but I expect others will have similar resource differences.

Oh yeah, I too am curious about that "territory acquisition" and "questing" too. But I guess that's meant for another time. :)

frankein_fish 03-19-2008 02:31 PM

I've said it before and im gonna say it again, im gonna get a heart attack.
and my blood preasure is sky high right now

jap88 03-19-2008 10:35 PM

Wasn't expecting subraces, it's a nice surprise after a relative period of silence.

The Witch King of Angmar 03-20-2008 07:58 AM

I like them all but Men of The Wold are my favorite. They have decent forts, there resources are ok, and they are stealthy. I don't like the Men of The Southmont only because I hate turtling. But that's just my opinion. Keep up the awesome work guys, these screens are much appreciated.

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