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Alex Walz 12-10-2010 11:42 PM

CB4 Launch Screens
Hey everyone!

As I'm sure you've seen, we're proud to announce the launch of the fourth Closed Beta stage, which was sent out a couple hours ago! To celebrate the occasion, we've decided to release a new batch of screenshots to let testers know what to expect while they're downloading the beta build. Enjoy!

For those of you who will not be joining us in this beta stage, there's still hope for the fifth and final stage a few weeks away. So keep checking the forums for another beta sign-up form.

doom132 12-11-2010 01:37 AM

awsome screen's... still having that authorization problem with the cb4...:(

s8man888 12-11-2010 12:29 PM

Looking good, really liking those battle screens.

Jack 12-11-2010 12:44 PM

if you dont have a mail than the chance that you wont come in is low
but am a selected but cant download because there is a sort of problem
and only i can have that bad luck:(

Alex Walz 12-11-2010 01:53 PM

Please PM me with a description of your problem, Jack. :)

sumo0 12-11-2010 04:19 PM

nice screens, and thx for inviting me into this CB stage.
cant wait to login and see how it all works.

TC_AZZ 12-14-2010 11:28 PM

Yeh had a bit of a problem with the updater.... Got halfway than stopped it cause i was playin somethin else logged on later to finish is and it had restarted :(

jonson2000 01-20-2011 04:16 AM

:eek: looking good,nice job!I hope get invitation the next cb.;)

kryptz 01-20-2011 08:51 AM

Wow, so beautiful:) Looking so great so far.

bravekilla 01-20-2011 11:05 AM

hope their is no limit to the amount of men you can have in your armies

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