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SPARROW94 02-03-2008 07:01 PM

the funnest thing that ever happend to you in a game
Well mine i laughed so hard its just to funny,
so what happend was that my buddy had a couple of battlions of Imperail guardsmean (warHammer 40k Dawk crusaid). and he said "Morgan im gonna kill the necrons wanna join," i responded no then he told me to watch his men then suddenly out of the blue a big ass laser comes out of no where and throws his marines EVERY WHERE ITS SO FLIPPEN FUNNY and his like "WTF WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM that ****ing monolith" but he had alot of infantry so they didnt stand a chance they were just flying as we speak!!!

-this happend today with me i was playing with my buddy andrew and i was fighting necrons ( yes i love fighting necrons there so fun to kill) i was the imperial guard and suddelny a laser from a monolith starts spraying at my Karskin squad and i was like "ZOMFG ANDREW HELLLLPPPP ME" ( IT WAS AN F F A so we can still shoot me) and his like alright im sending some land speeders and at that same time My karskin and IG guardsmen are going back to base ( also what gave it a kewl look is that all my infantry were spread out like in a movie when some one runs away from battle) and andrew the jack ass he is puts his land speeders in front of my infantry are starts filling them up with lead and i took a bigger spaz because all my IG infantry are hurt as hell like in red so they were being picked off. so it was kinda funny

post yours

The Witch King of Angmar 02-03-2008 07:32 PM

Ok here goes. I can't remember any in specifc but I've had a few wins where some guy trash talks me the whole game and beat him. Then I tell them off at the end of the game.

Puppeteer 02-05-2008 12:57 PM

On bf2142 this guy was trying to jump up onto this platform were I was so he could knife me. Didn't want to shoot me, probably run out of ammo/want my dogtag. Anyway I put a Rdx on the ladder so he only wannted to jump up. Finally, he tried to get up the ladder... the explosion killed him straight away. Damn funny 'cos he spent ages trying to jump on the platform.

Todendron 04-09-2008 02:09 PM

I was playing WoW with some friends and we went to Negrand, stood on top of a high platform in the sky (those little floating islands) and we summoned a newb there. Then we all jumped off and flew away and the poor sucker had to jump.


We did however come back and help his dead carcass make the run back to Shat so he could set his hearth there. All in all it was one of my most fond memories of playing WoW.

Neotyguy40 04-09-2008 04:00 PM

Ok, so I was playing CoD UO (first one expansion pack).

I enabled cheats without telling him and I flew high over his spawn point, I then used a custom cheat (yes I'm a modder) that is like telekenisis. I lined up like 5 cars on the roof and one fell ontop of him. Then he got into the fallen car and the other 4 fell. All but one exploded and he got into it. I then used the telekenisis to make the car drive into a minefield over and over and over. The last thing I did was make the car go very high (not joking, like 500000000 miles high. Then I dropped it and it took 5 minutes to fall. I told him what happened and then flipped him on his head.

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