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SPARROW94 05-28-2007 02:08 PM

The Master Thread
ok this is a new and improved masterthread with new ideas then before please READ AND COMMENT also i repeated somebody alot of other peoples ideas so new members could have some knowlegde of DoF.

(*-can do better **-not bad ***-good ****-great *****-THE BOMB)

*dual screen-some body else thought of this and the idea kinda got rejcted. for efforts one star.

****Battlalion size-this idea brought up by a member of the forums was was thought to be 5 to 8 men in a battlalion.

****Hero- this has to be one of the most debated suggestion on the forums because many thoght that heros are overpowerded and cannot be in the game but others thought that heros are just plain sweet.
note:there is acuitily a heros for each faction theres are about 2 spellcasters who can devastate the battle feild

i gotta go to bed so yeah finish it tommorow PLEASE READ AND COMMENT thanks you

Ndition 05-28-2007 04:02 PM

I love the messenger idea that would be awesome, imagine your "ally" has just sent his troops to attack your "enemy" and you send 2 messengers one to the "enemy" and another to the "ally" and form a new alliance with the enemy and betray your ally and conquer his place and then finish of the other guy that has been attacked by your former ally :P

SPARROW94 05-28-2007 04:41 PM

but what i realy want is the great effects in the game almost like BFME2 but better and one hit kills

SPARROW94 05-28-2007 06:42 PM

oh any if any game editor please comment on my ideas and tell me if you would put it in your game

Darvin 05-28-2007 08:04 PM

Please avoid the coloured text, it makes it hard to read.


Great effects*****-when a big rock comes from the skies the men below it should scream in terror and when the rocks hits them the men should fly from the impact. or when you use big spells all what would make it perfect is units flying all over the place and hearing their last shrieks.
Essentially unit emotions. I don't think they merit a 5 star importance, since unless you have a thorough morale system it's just eye candy. Still, it's definitely a fine addition.


Hostile wild animals*-it would be nice if there were wild animals in the battle field that would be hostile to any near infantry or base
Just like creeps in Warcraft III. The problem in that game was that everyone was so distracted by those things in order to let their heroes get easy experience that they neglected fighting each other. I'd prefer the game to be without them and instead focus on battling the other player.


AI**-when in a online multiplayer match you could maybe bring in an AI for you or an friend to play or you could just all gang up on him and teach him who has the mightest computer chip:p.
I don't think letting the AI take over for you is ok in any circumstance except if you leave the game. The AI generally has one big advantage over a human player: no reflex or reaction time. It can give out hundreds of orders in under a second. I think from a fairness aspect it's just not fair to allow someone to use such a feature against someone who wants to honestly play the game himself and not let the AI play for him.


8 or less miltiplayer slots*****-either its me or the dumb game im so tired of 4 players its time to do some thing different. 8 players would be so cool besides the maps look big enough to fit. and think of the number of battles going on at the same time, either its you getting screwed by 3 or more players or its you and your friends screwing your rivals or AI.
Eight player has been the standard in RTS for ages. Every RTS I've played over the past decade that I can think of has had at least that many. Warcraft III supported twelve players, although it didn't support 5v5 or 6v6 in official ladder games. I don't think we have to worry about this one.


Heros***-DoF armys would need a team captain to give their units exp. points or just use powers to help your city in need. and they should be custom made by you since your the king:D .
I'm wary of custom-made heroes, since my experience with Create-a-hero in BFME2 was that there were a couple of vastly superior setups that decimated everything else. I think the best approach is the Warcraft III one, where you pick a hero class, and as he gains experience you choose which abilities he learns. This keeps things standardized while still allowing player choice in the matter.


Make an allience in gameplay***- when im playing C&C3 with my buddies we some times wish we could just sent an (unit messenger) to each other so we can betray or team up to bring any body i our way down
I agree that "locked alliances" should be a setting that is on by default, but can be turned off in options.

I don't know what you mean by unit messenger, but there should just be a private message system in-game. One of the biggest aspects of multiplayer is the social aspect. If you limit communication, you're taking out one of the biggest fun-factors of the game. While it might seem cool to have delays in communication and message incerception, it just interferes with the game's appeal. As well, it gives a hefty advantage to friends who just share each other's phone numbers.

SPARROW94 05-29-2007 12:15 PM

Eight player has been the standard in RTS for ages. Every RTS I've played over the past decade that I can think of has had at least that many. Warcraft III supported twelve players, although it didn't support 5v5 or 6v6 in official ladder games. I don't think we have to worry about this one.

yeah but iv played every RTS game for xbox360 and all there slots were only 4 players. sorry for the confusion ill fix that

SPARROW94 05-29-2007 02:28 PM

i have updated the master thread. please read and comment

Darvin 05-29-2007 09:04 PM

I actually don't own an xbox, but I did follow the news on some of the franchises that ported over there. I was unaware of a 4 player maximum in them.

As far as command points go, it's all a matter of game mechanics at what works best. In most instances, the best solution is just to allow them to be variable. The big upside to this setup is that as the game ages, the machines get better and can effectively run command point levels that were formerly impractical.

SPARROW94 05-30-2007 02:11 PM

I Have Updated The Master Thread Please Read And Comment

Ryan 05-30-2007 04:20 PM

First off I'd like to welcome you to the forums Sparrow94.

There are quite a few good points in your post that we have actually already thought of, but suggestions are what help make our title all the better for you gamers. I'll just take a moment to touch base on a few of the points you made. Please note that I am NOT a member of the game's design team, and points I make are not set in stone, though neither are the game designers really, as everything is pretty much up in the air until formal testing creates the foundation on which the gameplay will be placed.

Great Effects - We have plans to include ragdoll into the engine, however we are waiting to see if it is still technically possible, considering the amount of units we wish to have onscreen at once, of course a huge boulder that comes down would look great with a bunch of units flying from the impact, but as Darvin pointed out, we have to weigh eye-candy versus optimization.

Hostile Wild Animals - Also known as creeps as Darwin also pointed out, is partially one of the features we wished to have when we first started developing Dawn of Fantasy. For those of you who haven't been around since the beginning, the main premise of Dawn of Fantasy, is that we would supply an editor that you would be able to create scenarios from any fantasy base. Thus we wanted to include LOTS of animals, and creatures that both our designers and players could use to their own effect. Although I'm sure any aggressive creeps will be placed there by our map designers intentionally, we may also include an option to include them in multiplayer.

AI - I don't know if Darwin was mistaken, or if I'm looking at this the wrong way. As far as AI, you most likely will be able to fight an AI opponent co-operatively or on your own in mulitplayer. However I don't believe we will have an option to replace your own person with an AI during the game, we may have a feature where if a player leaves they are replaced with an AI concurrent to their ranked skill level.

Heroes - All units in DoF do gain experience not just heros, so there is a possibility that your units may come more experienced than them in the event your playstyle doesn't include heroes as a main unit. As far as custom-made heros go, it may be a possibility, it's up in the air if we will have sort of an avatar created to represent your MMO army.

Walls - Units on the wall will be targetable, and not be a part of the actual wall HP, if thats your concern. As far as near-by units being affected by the descrution of walls. I think this is a very good idea, as realistically there should be some splash damage done to nearby units. This would also bring a big twist to gameplay as it should affect friendly and enemy units, making siege ladders and other means of climbing the walls a more effective way to get around such defenses.

Make an Alliance While in Play - This will of course be included in MMO play as there isn't a point where you would join one before you start your MMO experience. Similarly, this shouldn't be a problem during a skirmish gametype, though the idea of using a messenger unit instead of a menu screen is a good idea.

Mini Hero Battelions - (First when I read this I misread the word Battelions, and thought, Battle Lions, thats an awesome idea!) But your idea is also a good one, one I don't believe anyone on our team has thought of. Though each unit is really unique to it's race, for example: Humans, Orcs and Elves all have a basic infantry unit, however each is different in play style and thus different. The races are not just the same with a different model to represent them, all the races are geared towards different play styles.

No Command Points - I'm unsure of this term, as I am not a typical RTS gamer. I would assume your talking about Unit Caps, such as only X number of units allowed. This will be determined closer to release, where we have an idea of how many units can be placed on screen with all the features and graphics we want.

Unit Upgrades - All units will have tech upgrades just like every other RTS, as far as will they save your units in a time of need? I'm not sure how the designers will play that one out.

Customer Made Banner - This was an idea I myself had suggested. This is probably the way we will distinguish players in the MMO portion of the game, although details are still being worked out. We perhaps will come up with a series of templates you can use much like capes in Guild Wars, to limit the amount of inappropriate designs certain players may use.

Ladders & Siege Towers - This will have to be up to designers and final testing, though as siege is going to be a large part of this game, it should be very balanced before it hits the shelves.

Hope I answered some questions, and alleviated some concerns.

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