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Raulaun 08-10-2010 11:54 AM

Race Suggestion: Cultists
I've thought about it for awhile, random fleeting thoughts that appear in my head that I think about in my spare time.

The Cultists overview:
Not sure what to call them, but they resemble most closely, a group of cultists that worship demonic and black magics. Their melee consist of demons with tough hides that can plow into enemy forces while being backed up my followers that will back it up with powerful dark spells and necromancy. Some cultists may even sacrifice themselves, forming a demonic pact in the middle of battle to summon various plagues, monsters and even explosive spells.

Cultists will be difficult, they must constantly manage expensive sacrifices. You can sacrifice population or units. Sacrificed population and units will provide Dark Energy, which is used, along with food, to produce demons, liches and the like. It is also used to generate structures. Livestock consists of slaves, demonic beasts and bought livestock. Bought livestock such as animals if not eaten soon enough, will turn into crazed demonic animals due to dark energy and blight. They can be unleashed on enemies or eaten with a large negative to the amount of food available. Cultists can mine resources and cut trees, although their natural surroundings are affected by blight, reducing the amount of resources readily available.

Buildings for cultists consist of Ziggurats and dark burrows, with a large necropolis in the middle. There is also a sacrificial altar where units may be brought for sacrifice. The fortifications of Cultists are a bit different.

Obelisks can be placed as walls and connected to eachother, they generate a force field that enemies cannot move through, although the cultists themselves can move through it. They can be moved and switched around at the expense of dark energy to fit the defense, even in the middle of battle. They have garrisons inside for casters and spellflingers to support troops. Enemies must destroy an obelisk to create a hole in protective shielding that they can march through. Once inside, the blight is stronger and enemies health regeneration stops or they suffer a small amount of damage to health and morale. The necropolis serves as a secondary defense. It can fire beams of dark energy at units in range that consume resources but do amazing amounts of damage. It is wise to siege the necropolis first. Obelisks can be upgraded to have an additional level, allowing more troops garrisoned and increasing the amount of distance it can support a force field.


Demonic Leech:
The simplest of demons, the leech, is a small rodent-like pest that, when in great numbers, can hinder enemies by latching onto their heels and burrowing into their skin. The leeches die if the units are still alive by 15 seconds, but live to leech again if the enemy is killed.


The most basic of cultist units, the acolyte can hurl spells of of black or demonic magic. Black magic uses dark energy, while demonic uses dark energy aswell as some health. Acolytes may sacrifice themselves in the middle of battle to activate a number of effects. They include plague, sending hundreds of locusts that attack enemies, Leeches, summoning a few leeches and demonic explosion, causing a great explosion of dark energy that deals hefty damage to both enemy and allied units.

The lich has ascended a physical body, bound only by the armor levitating in the air surrounding a ghostly apparition. Liches can cast devistating spells and are the apex of the cultist race.

(Will edit in more units)

Hope it was a good read.

Danny Vink 08-10-2010 01:56 PM

Would need a new name (cultists aren't really a race), but otherwise its an interesting concept

Josh Warner 08-10-2010 04:15 PM

The real problem is it's a little too different. When balancing more than 2-3 races they all need to be relatively close to one another if you want any chance of it.

It's cool, but the extra resource mechanics and wall system might be too far out there to balance properly against every race, and we don't want it to be rock paper scissors for the races, units to some extent yes but not entire races.

If anything it sounds like a race that would be cool for an event, controlled by AI or devs/gms rather than players so balance isn't an issue.

Raulaun 08-10-2010 07:45 PM

A name based off lore would work (Such as Cultists of (Insert name of powerful demon here) and named after a demon that represents the terrain. Or Ghasts as a race. Combat would be balanced based upon the units, it just needs to be thought about a bit more. The concept is an undead/demonic race. If this was tweaked a bit, it could be viable and i'm open for suggestions.

Gruber12 08-11-2010 12:34 AM

The Clut of Kangawallafox :D, a great beast that roams throughout Australia

Geomancer 08-12-2010 12:02 AM

That's an interesting concept, certainly. As mentioned, of course, the race name would need to be changed. I think, rather than "cultist of x" it would be better to make up a race that is centered around demonic worship, name it something new, and go from there. Even something as basic as, e.g., Deathspawn, Hellbound, Half-Demons, etc., or something more novel like Tortradan, Bizouli, or (insert fantasy-esque name here).

Balance is another story. Obviously a race that is harder to manage but has greater upside isn't balanced from a competitive standpoint, and the walls certainly have greater upside. Everything else you suggested could work if well tweaked for balance, but it's also clearly outside the existing game structure and would require a LOT of work to implement. As interesting as it would be, I'd rather they finished and polished what's currently in progress so I can play the game, rather than waiting an extra year to develop this.

The idea of an in-game event is certainly a good one - that would mean it could be designed as time permits, perhaps after Reverie has better resources resulting from game income. Another option would be implementing as part of an expansion down the road, which would again mean more development and balancing time without sacrificing release date.

My last concern is that it seems heavily influenced by other popular modern sources (games, movies, books), at least stylistically. Obviously true novelty is extremely difficult, but the flavor is strongly reminiscent of the various WoW cults + WoW/WC3 undead. Even if it isn't, it might be close enough for Blizzard to sue. But that's just a flavor issue - something that can be altered while the mechanics balance is figured out.

blackfang 08-12-2010 07:22 AM

How about dropping the ziggurats making the main castle invulnerable but perhaps make smaller shield units (ziggurats or deamons or whatever) In return they can be a race focused on melee so they got the means to close in but that they have a severely reduced ranged arsenal (outside magic) However the shields should not really put much of a penality on melee combat, a walkthrough shield that could be great for the charge:) Just an idea:) Also the shield can have a certain amount of energy. It could be fun having a faction like that:D

Supreme 08-12-2010 07:53 AM

Yea I dunno if id like it as a race but if you could incorperate it into a big ass event that'd be awesome. (elves, orcs, humans banding together against the bigger foe! :D)

Sure it wouldnt make (too much) sence but if it awesome, who cares :P

Gruber12 08-12-2010 08:11 AM

I like the idea that this race could be controlled by the GMs for a event, could make it the group that defeats a GM as this race gets a special bonus, a unique heraldry banner or just some points to spend in that shop

blackfang 08-13-2010 01:16 AM


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