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Raulaun 07-18-2010 09:16 PM

First Person cam
It would be nice, and cool, if you could watch a fight from the eyes of one of your troops. Watching a battle involving hundreds from one small footman as he hacks and slashes against the horde directly opposing him.

Ofc, it wouldnt be a good idea to do this while fighting a hard fight, but for videos/a new look at things, I would enjoy this.

Alex Walz 07-18-2010 09:38 PM

We have a very powerful scenario design editor that you can use to script a first-person camera following a general into battle.

But as for an actual in-game application, way too much work for way too less gain. Not too mention how much lag it would add to the game to record and parallel process two different perspectives.

Rafaq19 04-12-2011 05:36 AM

It would be nice but impossible in my opinion

Martillo 04-13-2011 09:16 AM

Not impossible at all - It was done in 1998 in Dungeon Keeper 2 (Cant remember if it was possible in the first Dungeon Keeper) - So it's not something that havent been dont before.
The gain vs the amount of work isnt really worth it - And it might cause a lot of lagg (Considering dungeon keeper 2 didnt have the same enviremental graphics, and there were less units so theres a huge different)

Aryxas 04-13-2011 10:44 AM

there is a geme that runs in first person and in third person. Not very effecive to fight in 1 person

Dredgon 04-13-2011 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by Aryxas (Post 49254)
there is a geme that runs in first person and in third person. Not very effecive to fight in 1 person

Dark messiah did a pretty good job though :)

Imfliba 04-22-2011 02:22 PM

Yeh, I would like to see this mode in the game. Also if there was some sort of cinematic mode so the camera rushes through the conflict, or follows the arrows trough the air

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