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Henry Martin 05-06-2010 03:07 PM

Hey everyone. My group is going to start playtesting our game soon and I was wondering if anyone was will to test it. I want people I don't know to test it to give non-biased feedback. It would be awesome if one of the devs tested to. I will post a link to download it as some as I can.

Sorry to the Devs if I wasn't suppose to start this kind of thread.

Game info

Name: Directive R


description: Futuristic RTS set on a Destroyed planet. You play the "Inventor" who is trying to clean up the planet by using Scrubbers. He builds robots and gives them their own AI to do his work without tell them what to do every second. There are evil robots on this planet that don't want them here so they try and get rid of the invaders.

Gameplay:You build robots that you give 'AI'. This AI controls the robots instead of the player. You however have beacons that you can place on the map for the robots to go to if they are not doing there other commands. In the game you can choose to customize the robots AI or use pre-sets.

The robots can collect 'Resources' to build more robots and buildings. Their is to types of resources, 'Salvage(parts)' and 'Geoplasm(fuel)'.

The main goal of the game is to use these 'Scrubbers' to repair the planet. When near the Scrubbers you have to defend from the evil robots. If you don't defend they will get destroyed, you lose. If you do defend them(all that are in the level), you win.

Jon Thompson(Team lead/Audio/Texture artist)
James Kniffen(Lead Programmer/concept artist)
Henry Martin(Level designer/concept artist) that's me:D
Bill Anderson(Modeler/Texture artist/Programmer)
Sean Corcoran(Modeler/Texture artist)
Aaron Field(Modeling/Texture artist)
Andrew Deters(Programmer/Modeler/Texture artist/GUI artist)
Josh Caron(Programmer/Modeler/Texture artist/GUI artist)
Thomas Schoeberlein(Animator/Modeler/Texture artist)
Mac Buxton(Modeler/Texture artist/Animator)
Colton Hoadley(Modeler/Texture artist)
Karl Leonard(Modeler/Texture artist)
There was someone else that was on the team, but I forgot his name:(. He did modeling and texturing.

I will post screenshots around Wednesday as that's when my team lead said would be the best time.

any question just ask.


This is what our game looks like.

GUI overlay(Tells about the GUI)

This is our current GUI.

This is the 'Scrubber' you have to protect with a 'Fighter bot' and 'Enemy bot' fighting.


Before downloading

The zip is a little larger that 400mb.

-There is a read me in the zip which you should read. if you need any help with the game post and I will help you. We were going to put a tutorial level in the game, but that got cut and the game was going to have info windows pop up when you highlighted something, but that didn't get put in (don't know why).
-When you get to the DirectiveR GUI/main menu press 'M' to get the mouse to show(dont know why that is).
-Please post comments, help or problems in the thread, PM me, or email(my email is I would prefer if you post on the forum.
-By comments I mean what you like, what you don't like, what you think should be add to the game, etc.

LiTos456 05-06-2010 03:52 PM

Sign me up bud.

DarkMaster 05-06-2010 04:34 PM

Your game got a name?

Henry Martin 05-06-2010 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by DarkMaster (Post 28216)
Your game got a name?

Remind you I didn't like the name or want it. It's "Directive R":(. My group was putting out horrible names and it came down that that and a few others that where all bad.

nickson104 05-06-2010 05:25 PM

What type of game is it and whats it about?

Henry Martin 05-06-2010 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by nickson104 (Post 28218)
What type of game is it and whats it about?

Its an RTS like majesty(you don't directly control your units). You basically are on a destroyed planet and you have to clean up. Their is combat, base building,with some of your basic RTS gameplay.

Yami-Yagari 05-06-2010 05:32 PM

Sounds fun, sign me up.

nickson104 05-06-2010 05:39 PM

Sure I may as well :) It cant hurt to have an extra opinion :) Also from playing it we could suggest other possible names for you? :)

Henry Martin 05-06-2010 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by nickson104 (Post 28221)
Sure I may as well :) It cant hurt to have an extra opinion :) Also from playing it we could suggest other possible names for you? :)

That would be nice, but I think are group lead is set on the name:(.

LiTos456 05-06-2010 06:38 PM

Sorry to hear that, sucks about the name.
I dont even see the relevance of the name to what you described the game is about.

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