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Alex Walz 03-26-2010 07:04 PM

Fantasy Friday XIX - Elven Buildings

Elven Buildings

On popular request, we will be looking into the Elven buildings this week! As you're probably aware, the Elves build their buildings (with the exception of the Residence building) in the Great Trees of the Nhob'ru forests. In the MMORTS, Elven players will start with a Settlement building encircled by nine Great Trees that they can use to build any of the buildings below.

As masters of magic, elven buildings are constructed using the powerful forest magic, which means that no Wardens must be set aside to build any of these buildings. In addition, you'll notice that the elves lack any sort of siege workshop. This is because the elven siege is alive, not manufactured. Crawling siege weapons, Treants and Crossbolts, are summoned by the elven Enchanters, meaning they can be obtained even when away from the homeland.

Please note that the costs are subject to change, and that we will likely add more upgrade options to many of these buildings in the next couple of months. We also won't be looking into Walls and Towers quite yet as, as mentioned before, we are working on revamping the wall construction system.

Alchemy Lab - 250 Wood, 450 Gold
Transmutes resources. the Alchemy Lab will slowly convert one resource of choice into another resource.

The following options can be purchased from the Alchemy Lab:
Transform a resource into another resource of choice through the art of alchemy.
Gold Preservation
Gold depletes slower.
Stone Preservation
Stone depletes slower.
Upgrade Alchemy Lab
Greatly improves the resource output of the selected Alchemy Lab.

Arcane Sanctuary - 420 Stone, 350 Gold
Elven spellcasters are trained and upgraded at the Arcane Sanctuary.

The following options can be purchased from the Arcane Sanctuary:
Train Enchanters
250 Wood, 250 Gold, 3 Population. Magical melee unit which casts spells and summons Treants and Crossbolts.
Arcane Regeneration
Doubles the fatigue rate of magical units.

Dwelling - 250 Wood - The time-honored art of Archery is taught here. Trains Rangers and researches upgrades for them.

The following options can be purchased from the Dwelling:
Train Female Wardens
110 Food, 70 Wood, 6 Pop. Ranged and gatherer unit.
Train Male Wardens
160 Food, 6 Pop. Gatherer unit.
Train Rangers
84 Food, 90 Wood, 6 Pop
Train Mounted Rangers
234 Food, 90 Wood, 5 Pop
Research Stamina
350 Food - Increases the stamina of your units.
Research Revelation
150 Gold - Increases the view of your units.
Research Distance
350 Wood, 50 Gold - Increases the range of Rangers.
Research Swiftness
150 Food, 150 Wood - Increases the speed of your units.

Residence - 60 Wood, 20 Stone
Provides an automatic trickle of a resource of your choice.


The following options can be purchased from the Settlement:
Train Female Wardens
110 Food, 70 Wood, 6 Pop. Ranged and gatherer unit.
Train Male Wardens
160 Food, 6 Pop. Gatherer unit.
Haven Upgrade
550 Stone. Generic Upgrade. Builds a layer of walls around the city.
Build Residence
60 Wood, 20 Stone. Increases Population Cap by 15 points per Residence.
Asylum Upgrade
320 Wood, 200 Gold. Optional Upgrade. Builds a layer of walls around the city.

Sylvan Shrine - 210 Food, 180 Wood, 60 Gold
Economic building which provides a Food trickle. Trains Unicorns and populates the forest with Deer.

The following options can be purchased from the Sylvan Shrine:
Train Unicorns
105 Food, 40 Gold, 5 Pop - Unicorns can fight without riders effectively. Strong against infantry and archers, weak against cavalry.
Train Deer
10 Food, 5 Gold - Trains a wild deer that will provide a slow trickle of Food.
Research Food Preservation
250 Food, 100 Gold - Economic upgrade. Food depletes much slower.
Faerie Sylvan Shrine Upgrade
120 Gold - Economic upgrade. Improves the effectiveness of the Sylvan Shrine.

Tree Symbiosis - 280 Wood, 160 Gold
Creates resource nodes. Economic building which provides gatherable resources. Can summon forest spirits, which provide wood.

The following options can be purchased from the Symbiosis:
Summon Forest Spirit
130 Food, 20 Gold. Each forest spirit produced grants a small income of Wood over time.
Enchant Food
Enchants a magical berry bush/food supply.

War Lodge - 450 Wood, 370 Gold
Trains and upgrades Infantry. The elves pursue the art of warfare in War Lodges. Sentries, Blademasters, and Grand Masters are all trained here. Researches for them can also be found here.

The following options can be purchased from the War Lodge:
Train Sentries
105 Food, 85 Gold, 6 Population
Train Bladestorms
175 Food, 125 Gold, 6 Pop
Train Grand Masters
84 Food, 175 Gold, 6 Pop
Train Mounted Grand Masters
266 Food, 175 Gold, 5 Pop
Research Graduation
320 Gold - Military upgrade. Increases the experience of your military units.
Research Protection
150 Food, 250 Wood - Increases the Defense rating of your units.
Research Retribution
250 Food, 200 Gold - Increases the Attack rating of your infantry units.

GPS51 03-26-2010 07:15 PM

Very impressive looking. Will we be able to fight up the stairways of the trees with the different buildings on them?

Alex Walz 03-26-2010 07:19 PM

Nope, units can't go in/up buildings except for towers and walls.

GPS51 03-26-2010 07:28 PM

Ah well. I suppose that will do :) . The buildings are unlike anything I've seen in a video game. Congrats to the art department. How did you program the stairways?

metman 03-26-2010 07:31 PM

I must say these building look very impressive and well thought out. Good job! :D

Kire 03-26-2010 07:35 PM

Nice one, specially love unique getting siege and that no workers for building houses =). Just few question:
-are enchanter competitive melee warriors that cast magic or they just melee hit you with weak dmg, when not casting spells?
-some time ago there was topic that they will make main tree (settlement i guess?) little bigger than others ... is that so already here, cuz cant see from pictures?

The only thing i would change is marble wall =P (i know, saying it all over again =P), doesnt fit, in my opinion, to the elvish "connection" to nature as all other things do.

nickson104 03-26-2010 07:41 PM


Originally Posted by Alex Walz (Post 26429)
Nope, units can't go in/up buildings except for towers and walls.


Originally Posted by GPS51 (Post 26430)
How did you program the stairways?

Im guessing they didnt, they probably got the units to spawn at the bottom of the building and walk out, therefore the stairs are just there for aesthetic (spelt right?) purposes and need little coding? (Dont shoot me if I'm wrong, I dont know much)

GPS51 03-26-2010 07:51 PM

Yeah I mean i was just curious about getting the stairs to hang on the tree. I figured the little elves pop out at the bottom. But do they make cookies...

Darvin 03-26-2010 08:00 PM

Those are kind of hard to tell apart. Look awesome, but definitely a potential source for confusion.

Swift sword 03-26-2010 08:04 PM

I'd guess the stairways are part of the building, right? In that case, it'd just take a skilled artist to create.

Pretty nice buildings overall, fit the general elven culture well. Although I probably won't play orcs much, I do plan to play elves a bit. As such, I'm quite pleased with the way the buildings look. Some of them look quite similiar, but there are enough significant differences to differentiate one building from another. Great job to both the art and modelling departments. Also, it looks like each building has a significant effect and unique use. Well done on the concepts. The Alchemy lab sounds especially interesting, sort of like a more effective market.

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