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Alex Walz 03-05-2010 05:39 PM

Fantasy Friday XVI - Orc Melee Units

The Orc Infantry

According to legend, an orc is created every time lighting strikes the ground. Through times of storm and through times of peace, your homeland will see a continuous supply of these new orcs, which can be trained in the art of melee warfare in your military buildings (seen in the third screenshot below). Copious in number, the orc infantry are known throughout the land for their brute strength and fearless demeanor. Although their weapons and armor may be lacking in comparison to the more technically-advanced men and elves, they bring a number of ominous abilities to the battlefield that can changed the tides of war when used in the hands of a keen micro-strategizer. Not including the orc villager/melee unit, the Labourer, or the cultivated goblin and ogre beasts, the orc infantry consist of three units: the Berserker, the Impaler, and the Slayer.

The Orc Berserker

Trained at the Temple, Berserkers are a powerful melee/ranged hybrid unit with massive health and damage.With a strong defense, they are also protected against most hack-and-slash damage. These units are great against infantry and mediocre against cavalry.

Initial Statistics:
Health: 500
Stamina: 100
Damage: 170
Accuracy: 36
Defense: 30
Armor: 20
View/LOS: 720
Range: -
Speed: 49
Charge: 80
Unique Abilities:
Rage – At the cost of 50 Fatigue, this ability will increase your battalion's Speed and Damage, but slowly drains hitpoints.
Heal – Heals your entire battalion up to 2,000 hitpoints, for 40 Fatigue.
The Orc Impaler

A mediocre infantry unit with a powerful special ability. These units are great against cavalry and large monster units, but weak against archers and mediocre against other infantry units. Imaplers can be trained from the Pyre building. Impalers can mount Wargs for increased Speed and Charge.

Initial Statistics:
Health: 280
Stamina: 100
Damage: 125
Accuracy: 30
Defense: 26
Armor: 20
View/LOS: 420
Range: -
Speed: 49
Charge: 60
Unique Abilities:
Leap – For 65 Fatigue, your entire imapler battalion will execute a leap attack, knocking down every adjacent unit.
The Orc Slayer

A basic orc melee unit which is great against archers, good against infantry, and mediocre against cavalry. The Slayer has a powerful shielding ability, and can be trained at the War Hall. Like Impalers, Slayers can mount Wargs for increased Speed and Charge.

Initial Statistics:
Health: 120
Stamina: 100
Damage: 55
Accuracy: 300
Defense: 20
Armor: -
View/LOS: 660
Range: 650
Speed: 49
Charge: 80
Unique Abilities:
Cover – With the cover of their shields, this ability will greatly increase your slayers' armor for 20 seconds at the cost of 50 Fatigue.

metman 03-05-2010 05:44 PM

Thanks for all the descriptions and awesome screenshots. Screenshot #4 is probably my favorite.

Henry Martin 03-05-2010 05:45 PM

This is great. I just might have to play all of the races.

nickson104 03-05-2010 06:04 PM

THANK YOU!!! Wanted this for so long!!! :)

So the slayer is the basic unit automatically produced (unless hunter is selected instead)... Im guessing in early stages these will make up the bulk of your army. And in later stages be used as distractions or sacrificed for resources to build stronger units such as the beserker, which I think is going to be the backbone of an advanced army

The screenshots are awesome!!! AND THANK YOU FOR ORC INFO!!!! :)

Swift sword 03-05-2010 06:50 PM

Great Fantasy Friday. I like the fact that we're provided with in-depth info about each unit, although the berserker appears to have very low accuracy and seeing as it's a melee/archer hybrid, what's it's range?

Great screenies as well, I love em' all equally :) Nice job, Alex!

Alex Walz 03-05-2010 07:02 PM


So the slayer is the basic unit automatically produced (unless hunter is selected instead)...
Nope, your worker units (Marauder and Labourer) will be the basic orcs in constant production from your Huts. And then you can take some of them to your War Hall and train them as Slayers.


although the berserker appears to have very low accuracy and seeing as it's a melee/archer hybrid, what's it's range?
I can't give you an answer right now. Everything in our concept refers to it as a ranged unit, but as it is now, it's restricted to melee due to some bugs with the transition. So that's why I didn't elaborate on the hybrid information - we would definitely like to see it as a hybrid like the human Crossbowman, but we can't be sure enough to go into the statistics at this point. :)

Negthareas 03-05-2010 07:07 PM

Really liked this one -even though I plan on majoring with the elves, I also hope to do some playing with orcs. The unit by unit description is really good - gives us a chance to foresee our use of them.

Also, I really liked the last FanFry on the scenario designer. That got me really excited about the game.

Zeluk 03-05-2010 08:04 PM

The Berserkers definitely looks like their gonna be a beast on the battlefield, with the added survivability that Heal gives them coupled with a Dmg buff from Rage. I can see them as very effective shock troops, sending in a wave of them and activating Rage right off the bat to decimate the enemy formations then almost when the battle isn't looking in the Orcs favor, Heal, they get a surge of renewed strength to push the enemy further back. Hmm...It'll be interesting to see who exploits that first. I can tell you whenever I get around to playing Orcs all of my attribute points will go into stamina for the berserker.

I've found it interesting to note that the Orc faction's units seem to have the highest Charge attribute of the units previewed.

Negthareas 03-05-2010 08:09 PM

I can imagine that they would be the scariest.

One of the reasons the Huns were so hard to defeat is because they were terrifying when charging. Defending formations often broke before the Huns even got to them.

It is logical for Orc units to have a special charge value.

Zeluk 03-05-2010 08:25 PM

Well it makes sense for them to be superior in at least one attribute. Because the rest aren't much different then the average. I think that it'll affect people's strategies with them, encourage a hit-and-run and blitzkrieg style.

The Huns rode on horses most of their lives and were reportedly disfigured by this. I have also heard that formations broke before they charged, because the Huns stunk so bad :o. (sorry love history and I'm even minoring in it so I jump at a chance to talk about it)

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