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blackfang 02-13-2010 07:27 AM

Well i had this problem with other games in the past, never found the screenpics UNLESS they had made a folder for the screenpics. Will there be one here? It would be great since if not then i can't take a picture of the screen if i spot bugs and other small things. I know this might sound stupid to you its just that i would rather screenpic a bug than explaining it.:D

Aametherar 02-13-2010 07:48 AM

I'm sure auto saving screenies will be supported (as in I think), but you can also do it with other programs, or Xfire even. Or manually (which may help you with some of your other games too).

1. Start your favorite graphics program.
2. Once your graphics program has opened, start your game.
3. Start playing the game.
4. When you get to scene you want to take a screenshot of hit the PRTSCN button. This button is usually near the scroll lock.
5. Use the ALT - TAB command to switch to your graphics program.
6. Press CTRL - V at the same time to paste your screenshot into your graphics program.
7. You know have a screenshot of your game. Make sure to save it under a file name and directory you will remember.
8. Many times screenshots are very large, it is useful to resize the screenshot. This will reduce the file size depending on the amount of resizing you do.

blackfang 02-13-2010 07:53 AM

I got no idea what to do with that... All i wanted to ask is if they made a folder like for instance eve C:\Documents and Settings\My name:p \My documents\EVE\capture\Screenshots I got no idea even after that explination on how to do it:p

Puppeteer 02-13-2010 08:04 AM


5. Use the ALT - TAB command to switch to your graphics program.
This isn't always advisable, especially not when playing online. I'm sure F12 (or PrtSc, as in AofE3) or a similar button will save the screen in a folder.

Aametherar 02-13-2010 09:28 AM

True alt-tab sucks. There's programs to do it if you google them, but as stated I just can't imagine any game today not having the feature in it.

Alex Walz 02-13-2010 09:42 AM

As of now, you can save up to 30 screenshots by pressing F1 in game. These shots will save to your main Dawn of Fantasy directory.

blackfang 02-13-2010 10:59 AM

:D btw i got the screen pic button, i just asked for the folder where they go and now i know:D

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