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Henry Martin
09-18-2009, 11:01 PM
I just found out about this game and can't what to check it out. Tell you a little about me.

I am a Game design student at brown college in Minnesota. I want to become a professional level designer. I did see a thread about intern scenario and scripter which would have been nice, but I don't have the time. I also saw that this game will have a world editor which is nice even thought I never really used an editor for an rts, but I need to start.

I hope this game turns out nice and from what I have seen so far it looks great.

09-18-2009, 11:49 PM
Hey, u_have_krabs! I am new here too, but from what I can tell, the users here are great! Welcome!

09-19-2009, 03:12 AM
welcome to the forums:)

09-19-2009, 05:00 AM
Welcome =)

Chris Harshman
09-19-2009, 09:32 AM
Welcome To the Forums

09-19-2009, 12:57 PM
Well welcome to DOF!

09-19-2009, 02:45 PM
Welcome to the forums, have a nice time!

Henry Martin
09-19-2009, 10:20 PM
Thanks for all the greetings. I feel welcomed.:D

12-10-2010, 05:08 PM
Well uh hi welcome to the forums. I hope you stick around.

Henry Martin
12-10-2010, 05:20 PM
Well uh hi welcome to the forums. I hope you stick around.

Thanks a lot. I do plan to be around the forums for a little. I probably wont post much.