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06-28-2014, 08:17 PM
Hey guys, I recently returned back to this game and I have some bugs to report and questions to ask.

I am Human in Southmont region with Defensive & Military Traits. This is a brand new City started yesterday.

1. I can use every single formation without having to do any research, on all of my units.

2. My Crossbowmen normally have 7600 HP with no skill points invested. Firstly, I believe I'm missing the +20% HP boost, and Secondly, whenever I use "Reset Skills", the HP shoots up to 9120 HP, which should be the correct amount, but if I leave the map, they go back down to 7600 HP.

3. My Knights only get +10% HP boost, giving them 16,500 HP, despite listing +20% HP.

4. My Knights get no damage boost. They have the default 200, despite listing +20% DAM.

5. My Crossbowmen have 319 damage (made up of 55 slash and 264 pierce) in "Loose Formation". Firstly, I am assuming the default should be 50 slash and 240 pierce (290 without military trait), but this is an increase of 10% instead of the listed 20%. This also either means my Regional based trait the +10% Crossbowman Damage is not working whatsoever, or the +20% (I guess is actually +10%) Military trait is not working.

6. "Line formation" for Ranged units lists no damage increase, but going in to that formation increases my damage from 319 to 398, and I don't know why.

7. I can use "Enfilade" and "Fire Arrows" without the research.

8. My "Attack Move" seems very unreliable. I enable it, click a location behind the targets and when one of the individual units has stopped fighting, it stands still, meaning I then have to babysit it and give it another move order, which often means the units that are currently fighting ignore their current target, and move past them and engage the next target in their path. This applies to both Melee and Ranged. I also feel like either "Attack Move" should de-select after the move has started, or you press "Attack Move" then select the location on the map, as sometimes when my units have started battle, some have "Attack Move" deselected and some still have it selected, making retreats very awkward as some units will retreat and some will continue fighting, so I have to go through those units individually. A bit of a suggestion too - but I feel a "Retreat" button would be nice addition, where you press it and lose control of your unit until it reaches the "starting point" on the map you're in, or your Keep in your City.

9. When I have say all of my Knights selected, I find it very difficult to Cycle through them by clicking the portraits at the bottom of my screen. I find myself double or triple clicking to select an individual Knight from a group of Knights. Anyway of making it so that a single click will select the Knight I want, and perhaps highlight it so I know which one I've selected?

10. My Knights when in "Anvil Formation", despite being unable to run, have 2 less run speed than walk speed and consume Stamina (regardless of formation) if you give them the "run" command (double right click). Perhaps either Knights should be able to run, albeit not very much faster than walk speed, or Stamina shouldn't be lost when double right clicking.

11. My Knights, when using "Reset Skills" button, reverts to 18,000 HP, which is a +20% HP increase. When I leave the map or city, they revert back to 16,500 HP, which is a 10% HP increase. I'll assume it's meant to be +10% for the Military Trait, but old values are still applying?

12. I'm not sure if my Defensive Trait is working. My walls have 3500 HP, my Gateways have 7000 HP, the walls next to my gates have 2800 HP, my un-upgraded towers have 2000 HP and my Bastions have 4000 HP. Is this normal if you have the +30% hitpoints trait?

13. My Archers/Rangers on towers are failing to remember their formation + stance. I assume this is a bug?

14. Several of my units have duplicated themselves when simply moving them to/from my city to/from my army. For example, I once moved my 2 level 10 Archers to my army, only to find another level 10 Archer still in my city. Same for Swordsmen and Knights, this is the 3rd occasion in 2 days.

15. In my 1 year old Elven home city (Forest, Archmages, Forest Warriors), my Grand Masters are showing 42,112 HP (2632) with armour values of 90/90/80 and damage of 471 (with max HP/armour/regen and 2 points in attack). Outside of my City, they show completely different values (lower).

This is what I've noticed up to now. I appreciate some of these may be just visual bugs/not showing the correct amount, but I felt it best to report what I see anyhow.

And now for some general questions:

1. Is "The Wold" really giving +20% Damage to both Archers and Crossbowmen, as well as +40% accuracy increase? Doesn't this seem a little too high? If it's true, it feels like it could be a little too good and would make me want to re-make my city just for those 2 bonuses as it beats the Southmont +10% Crossbow damage only. Perhaps "Southmont" should be + Crossbow damage only and "The Wold" + Archer damage only, or perhaps "The Wold" only +10% damage for both Crossbow/Archer and a little less accuracy? Especially if mixed with Military... that's a potential +30%/+40% damage along with +40% accuracy increase for ranged units.

2. Is Pray really only giving +3 HP per second? Doesn't that seem a little low? Or is it instead 3*individual soldier (so 60 for the entire unit of 20)?

3. Any chance of a few tooltip updates? I really have no idea what upgrading a lot of buildings does as it uses the generic tooltip for every building. Also better descriptions in general including saying Pray makes your Knight unusable as that one caught me off-guard in battle, haha. My Pray also seems a little buggy as sometimes I cast it and I can move straight away and other time I cannot move at all for the duration - which I assume is how its supposed to be so 1 Knight prays in a group at a time. I'd also suggest the Praying Knights perhaps plays the kneeling animation for the entire duration of Pray so I know it's not just a Knight which needs further commands.

4. I thought Crossbowmen were supposed to be made up of Crush+Pierce damage and not Slash+Pierce? Did that change?

5. When a unit has say +10 HP Regen /s, does this mean the entire unit gains 10 HP every second, or each individual soldier gains 10 HP every second (so a unit of 20 gains 200 HP per second)?

Thanks and keep up the good work on the updates.

06-29-2014, 12:29 PM
Very nice write up. I will go through this, but it will take me some time. I will reply here in the near future confirming bugs and/or answers. Thank you for taking the time doing this. :D

06-29-2014, 04:13 PM
agree with Langor :)

And thanks again for posting this!

07-01-2014, 03:59 AM
1. Well the archer and crossbow perks are compensation for the expensive meele and cavalry, where in Souhtmont it's more balanced, since infantry and crossbows have perks. Don't realy agree with this.

2. Pray could be a bit higher since a units health can go up very high. Then the pray abillity is too low, it only heals like 5% of the health which can be taken away easily. I agree with this.

3. Some building interface updates would be welcome and fixing buggy abilities is a must.

4. It would make more sense that they switch it, because this makes crossbows more effectieve against infantry.

5. I think the entire unit.

Hopefully you guys can do something with my answers. Keep up the game :)

07-01-2014, 03:31 PM
Well the archer and crossbow perks are compensation for the expensive meele and cavalry, where in Souhtmont it's more balanced, since infantry and crossbows have perks. Don't realy agree with this.

Well, the point is the majority of region traits are somewhat worthless after about 2-3 days, the prices being one of those worthless things especially when the production building is level 5. After a couple of days, you'll be sitting on a gold mine making prices redundant. Once you've finished your town the only things that really matter are the military bonuses, because those have a direct impact in both PvP and PvE. The Wold is the only Human Region that appears to offer any direct bonuses in that regard. It's the same with Elves, I picked Bolfores'l, Military and Archmages because it's simply the most powerful setup - in my opinion of course, and I earn about 160,000 gold per 1-2 days doing very little so prices don't affect me at all.

What I would like to see is more specialised traits, or a rework of traits for regions, so you don't feel the urge to remake your city once you understand the game or you're torn between city looks and city traits. For example, right now Southmont offers +10% Crossbow damage, but The Wold does better (at least according to all of the tooltips, I haven't verified first hand yet) and offers not only +20% Crossbow AND Archer damage, but also +40% accuracy along with that; instead of The Wold getting the best damage and accuracy bonuses for all of the Human ranged units, that could be split a little more between the regions, so perhaps ranged units are still better in the Wold, but Rollingplains might offer a small bonus for accuracy only, and Southmont might offer a damage bonus only. The same could apply for other units, simply just so you don't feel like you have to have a city with the best military traits, as military traits will be spread along all three cities.

The same is true of normal traits actually, surely I'm not the only one who thinks the builders, traders and farmers etc are all worthless after a couple of days? The very first city I ever made in this game was actually Southmont, Defensive and Builders and Scholars and I ended up deleting it and remaking it.