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05-07-2014, 12:23 PM
Issue: Gathering rate of Elves resources (most especially stone and gold - I don't know if other resources are affected) is not updating appropriately.

Explanation: I started an Elven city and shortly thereafter assigned some wardens to gather stone and gold. At first I thought I wasn't gaining any resources (stone or gold) because my wardens carry capacity went up to 1.2 then dropped back to 0, the mine would deplete signifying I was indeed collecting it, yet my resources would not go up to reflect that I was gathering them. This went on for several minutes - I would harvest the stone and gold, but my resources would not go up at all.

I then scoured the internet to see if this was a bug or if I was just missing something obvious (such as needing a place to deposit them), but could find no references to this problem anywhere. Since I had just started the Elves then I deleted the city and re-created in the hopes that this would fix the problem. No such luck.

The second city the same problem persisted. I would gather stone (I hadn't assigned anyone to gold at this point) but my resources weren't going up accordingly. This went on for several minutes. Out of frustration I exited the game and restarted it. When I logged in again I saw that my stone had gone up by 4 points. While it had gone up it hadn't gone up by as much as it should have as my mine was showing a loss of about 10 stone. I then went to the world map to check on the stats of my city. According to the stats my wardens were harvesting stone at .1 per minute. So apparently they do gather stone (and presumably gold; I don't know if other resources are affected), but not at the rate they should be.

Again, the warden's carry capacity goes from 0 up to 1.2, then resets back to 0, and the mine reflects the amount of resources taken, going from 5000/5000 to 4999/5000 etc., but the resources in my bank do not go up. This will persist for several minutes before my bank finally shows some increase, but not to the amount that it should have. Currently, as of the time of me writing this, my mine has been depleted to 4923/5000 but I have only gained 25 stone instead of the 77 I should have.

Also, every time I check the world map and my city stats the amount of stone it shows me trickling varies. Sometimes it shows at 0 for several minutes, sometimes it's .1, and sometimes it's .7 per minute. I'm guessing that somehow I'm gathering resources at the rate listed on my city stats, which does not reflect how much I am actually gathering from the mines.

This problem is easily reproduced by creating a new Elven city (so you don't gain trickle from research, improvements, or other sources) and telling your wardens to mine stone or gold. I don't know whether other resources are affected by this bug, but I definitely noticed the stone and gold being affected. I also don't know if other races are affected by this problem or not.

Edit: Forgot to add the log files if needed.

05-07-2014, 01:05 PM
Can you recruit soe unicorns for gold and also try switching your elven residences production to stone.That will probably increase both gold and stone production a lot.

05-07-2014, 02:30 PM
Can you recruit soe unicorns for gold and also try switching your elven residences production to stone.That will probably increase both gold and stone production a lot.

The Elven residence doesn't have an option for stone - only gold, food, wood, and demolish building. Besides, the problem is with harvesting from the mines themselves. Finding alternate sources of income for these things, while useful, does nothing to solve the underlying issue of not gaining the resources from the mines as one should. Though I do appreciate your suggestions. :)

I did start another new game to try some more testing, but so far I'm not having the same issue as before. They are harvesting everything just fine. However, going back to my other Elven city, I'm still not getting all the resources that the workers are harvesting.

05-07-2014, 07:21 PM
Is your new city elven too?

05-08-2014, 12:35 PM
Yes. Since my new test city was not having the issue then I have since deleted the city wherein I was having the issues and re-created it. This time (so far) they are not having the issue. However, my brother has mentioned that on his account his Elven city has been having this issue as well.