View Full Version : Continue Story quest.(contain spoilers of the Human ending)

04-22-2014, 01:20 PM
So i was doing the humans quest with the king and got to save him from the elves Ambush.

after that i got send towards Lord Harthram ( or what ever his name is) and started doing quests there. and it was the same kinds of quests as Sir Lentoth( i wana shot an arrow on him.....) and Sir Morin. i was wondering if that was the end.

And if it was will there be more of the main story quests added? kinda like Kidnapp the Elf princess or the Orc prince, or that those 3 races will unit temporarly against the new race people keeps talking about?

Personaly dho after reading and doing the last quests for the humans part it didnet realy feel like an end of the main quest. dont realy know what 2 do diffrent but its just a feeling and it was an insteresting story in the quests.

Suggestions from a new player thats so far only played 1 race :D
and keep upp the good work.

04-22-2014, 01:54 PM
thank you for posting this :) i think it would be cool to add alittle more dept to the story aswell, we love active members so keep it up! and i hope you will enjoy the game for a long time!