View Full Version : "lost my army" suggestion

04-19-2014, 07:17 PM
One of the main and worst bugs is that one that makes your army disappear. This happened to me long ago, and unfortunately it seems that its still happening, mostly everytime there is any update.

Devs are always trying to fix this issue but it never disappears at all... So what they do is compensating the user with crowns, but still thats not enough, because despite thar, people stop playing, thinking that they lost their precious army that took a lot of time to build and level up.

Thats why i have come up with this other solution:
Why not instead of compensating with crowns, the devs returned the armies?
Lets see how this could be done:

- Player army disappears
- Player contacts a dev/mod and explains the problem giving all the information its necesary.
- Dev/mod checks that this is true and revises the units that disappeared.
- He confirms that x type x number lvl x units disappeared
- Dev/mod sends that exact type, level and quantity of units to the player bank. Some crowns can be rewarded as an extra for the caused problems. (the exact number or an approximation)
- Player recovers his army without having to worry about having to produce and lvl up again.
- Everyone is happy.
I think this would be much better. If you cant fix the bug directly, try to find another solution that could solve the problem until the bug is fixed again.