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03-06-2014, 03:44 PM
you guys need to get a handle on your game. You are completely and utterly oblivious to the needs of your players. This game is so amazing and has so much potential. PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE 40 PLUS GAME BREAKING bugs that are still alive and thriving.

someone once said the only good bug is a dead one.

Well you are only helping them multiply. My game was running half decently until this next round of bug "fixes"

now I can barely move gold armies or siege a thing without losing troops gold or resources

yes i verified my cache, and yes im using steam. BUT god should my client be irrelevant.
this game is a poor excuse for a product currently and you need to fix it.

I mean come on, I cant even move gold between my own armies anymore much less try and send it to a friend.

Attached you will find my logs describing the gold disappearance during transfer between my army and main city.

that is assuming ur ****ty client allows me to attach them this time.

Yours Truly,

previously happy now disgruntled fan

ALSO: it is sinfully ridiculously that you guys cant even code skill points to stay spent. its ridiculous this game makes u re-spend every time u siege or log in. COME ON GET IT TOGETHER

Konstantin Fomenko
03-06-2014, 07:59 PM
Looks like all the issues you mentioned are the stuff we have saved for Patch 24 B late next week.

This includes everything you mentioned:

-Resetting Skill Points
-Loosing Resources and Crowns
-Loosing Units

And thanks for the logs.

I do have to apologize for how long it`s taking us to fix all of this. Our team set out to make extremely complex game (As you said with a lot of potential), and eventually we`ll get it right - hopefully after the next patch you`ll be fully satisfied. And while you might disagree with our priorities - we had to work on Patch 24 A to fix multiplayer issues - as for vast majority of players laggy multiplayer was the main problem.