View Full Version : Gateway hitbox makes bulletproof supermen

02-18-2014, 09:18 PM
To be more precise, units standing under a gateway can not be hit by any projectiles from outside... even dwarven musket men like 5 feet away can't hurt them until they step under the gateway themselves. This made their archers able to attack my archers with total impunity.

I discovered this during the course of I believe another bug in one of the elven quests. I don't recall the name so I'll describe it briefly
The first siege quest where you're protecting princess's castle.
In any case I quickly moved all of my units into the inner walls. After rebuffing most of the invasion, I found I could not open the gates to allow my units to mop up the remaining enemy forces. I ended up having to lure the remaining units one by one into range of my archers with my sole unit stuck outside the inner walls, while 8 melee units puttered around the courtyard uselessly the entire mission.