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02-09-2014, 05:30 AM
Ok so i have a lot of bugs in my hometown...
1.My oil pots aren t on my walls
2.I can t set off my pike traps any more
3.When i logg off i lose a part of my recourses
4.While i m in my town i can t see the rate in which my resources are gathered
5.I can t see sir Lenoth s camp any more

i hope that someone can help me solve these issues...

02-09-2014, 01:09 PM
Hello woolfy995,

Thank you for bringing this issues up to us. Let me go over them in order for simplicity.

1/2: We will need your logs, a screenshot, location where and in game name/city name to further investigate.
3: This is a bug we are currently investigating.
4: The tool-bar for resource gathering was disabled due to its lack of providing correct information. It will be re-worked and reintegrated into the game once complete.
5: We will need the information provided for bug reports 1/2.

Once again, thank you for providing this information and your patience in this matter. Please reply to this post with the required information that we need to further investigate these issues if you are still having problems. Thank you.

What to Include to make a good bug report:
-Overview: Start with an overview of the bug - including as much details as possible. We would really like to see as much details as possible here, not just 1 quick sentence
-How to Reproduce: If there is a way to reproduce the bug we need to know how.
-Effected Towns: Please list username/townname, and location in the town - like "archers in army # 3", or "just south of the Town Hall on the homeland".
-Logs/pictures: It would help if you include your game logs and relevant pictures.
*Instructions on attaching pictures and posting logs can be found here:

02-10-2014, 09:50 AM
yeah i have a little problem i can t seem to find the attach file option..... it doesn t appear in the additional option meniu