View Full Version : Game Breaking City Bug

02-01-2014, 03:07 PM
Hey Devs,

I hoping you guys can compensate me in some way. Ive basically poured my heart into my first human city but unfix able serious path finding issues have utterly stopped my ability to mine gold from 3 of the 4 groups of nodes on my home city map. (I tried many solutions to make sure they were properly tasked included storing units in an army then redeploying them careful and with no overcrowding). My in game name is Alainjons. In each case the miners will fixate on the empty nodes and leave fully stocked nodes untouched. Its very annoying to be assaulted with messages about empty mines when both drawven miners and peasants refuse to mine full nodes. I am also very concerned that my resources are bugged in a more general sense. In the span of a day i went from being able to fill my stockpiles (59,000) in a couple hours to barely harvesting 1000 of a resource in a hour. I am wondering if somehow my technology upgrades stopped applying and all my peasants are working at base levels even though Ive researched everything. This also appears to be the case with my herds. Ive spoken with many players to reach an optimal number of sheep or cows for production etc. But they are producing pitiful numbers when compared to just yesterday. Again perhaps the technologies I researched are no longer applying I am not sure. This is incredibly frustrating and i am not hoping my city is broken. Also apparently I am not supposed to see the resource counters on the world map when clicking on my city. That appears to be bugged as well.

my city name is : Fissurebreach,
Note that ive attempted to work through these issues with Langor's assistance and at this time he recommends posting on the forums.