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01-31-2014, 11:55 PM
One thing that just drives me up a wall is the fact that my archers, no matter what race I try, can't seem to hit that one squad that is just walking a line parallel to them...

You would think that beings used to using the bow to hunt or fight wars, would be able to adjust a little for movement so that they could actually hit.

So, to fix this, i propose the Accuracy stat. Yes yes, whining in the audience, I know its in almost every MMO and it can be quite a pain, but these archers need it...badly... For example, say our archers had an Accuracy rating right now, it would be about 60%. Most of the hits being when enemies charged them. In big army fights, it would be a lot better, but that isn't really aiming, now is it?

This stat should allow you to up archer accuracy by, say 5% per level*not taking into account changes of directions ofc, just accuracy of how close they would hit considering where they WOULD of been*

Note, in larger battles accuracy would only be a waste of skill points, but in smaller skirmishes it could be a great boon to the faster archers. It would also allow them to focus down specific targets much easier, say a particularly troublesome ogre or hero, perhaps even a dragon or wizard.