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01-31-2014, 11:32 PM
One thing that bugs me about wargs a while ago, when they could still level up, was the fact that none of the points that blinked in front of you could be spent. That gave me an idea of how we could make use of wargs in the battle field with levels, without making them odd or required.

Instinctual Leveling.

Remember that giant Warg that orcs have to kill in some of the starting quests? That thing is massive, it has great health. and it is tough *unless you bring impalers ofc*. I am not however suggesting to allow players to make singular large wargs. I am suggesting that you allow regular wargs to have a bestial nature. Of their 3 points they get every level, have 2 of them automatically spent to simulate the fact they are not like ogres or orcs, they are not lead by thought so much as instinct. The one left over however can be reasoned because while they are instinctual, they can be trained by orcs.

For example, lets take a wolf in the real world, in the wild they learn how to kill and how to track, and do everything that they need to survive. Even wolves that people have tried to domesticate from their birth tend to retain some of those skills because it is in their blood.

Wargs, however, are kept by orcs, a warrior culture who live in a very brutal environment that is very much like how they live out in the wild. Each level they could say gain one skill point into health, one into damage, with the other one left for the player to put wherever.

This would allow it to still in mot cases remain weaker than standard units, but would allow it to still become more than just a beast for slaughter.

If a standard warg is unable to do this due to technical limitations, then perhaps make wargs with this capability a new kind of warg you can spawn with slightly higher starting stats? Perhaps a Warg of War?