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01-27-2014, 06:14 PM
When I play a game, I play within the rules set by the game's creators; whatever they may be. If I'm not good enough, I'll reassess my skills and learn to play better.

I've encountered several bugs since I started playing your game recently. I've had 20 crowns disappear from me after a successful siege. I had a siege quest be unwinnable due to enemy soldiers hiding inside towers and buildings; even the ground. I had 5 units of my own archers flip upside down with their legs sticking out of the ground (even the enemy ogre didn't know what to do with that). I have a unit of peasants that ignores 3 nearby drop points to deliver their gold to a horse cart on the other side of town.

None of these things really bother me. The crowns annoyed me for a day, but I got over it. I quit out of the unwinnable siege quest, tried again, and won. I simply clicked back to the world map and went back in to the field battle to fix my archers. ...and the peasants like to go for a walk. :)

I know you are working on making your game better and to fix any issues currently in the game. Anything I've encountered, I simply wrote off as part of the game's current rules of play. However, I must draw the line at the game accusing me of hacking and threatening to ban me for a bug.

I was tired last night, and instead of just quitting from the game. I started up the Kingdom Wars mode to take a quick look at what it was like. I opened the transfer window between my army and home town, rapidly clicked all of the fighting troops into the town and clicked OK. I then sped up time to get an army to run over and attack me. I auto-resolved the fight between them and my non-combat army. I then clicked to go into the defense of my town. Right after loading the battle, the game popped up with a message saying a hacking attempt has been detected, further attempts at hacking will result in a ban. I played through the battle and won. The only thing I saw that was off during the battle is that I had two Lord Harthrams in the central keep.

If it takes you a while to fix all of the bugs within the game, I'm okay with that. You've made a very fun game. I take great offense to having my own personal integrity questioned, though. I don't know how many people play the Kingdom Wars mode, so I thought it important to report this bug, in case no one else has. Regardless, I shall not be playing that mode for a very long time.

01-27-2014, 06:33 PM
Hello Mikahl,

I am sorry for the bugs you have encountered. Please, for them to be fixed instead of ignoring them report them here on the bug forums. With the lost crowns, message an in game MOD and he will be happy to reimburse you. Wilffio is online now and can help you.

Also, please do not take offense to the attempted hacking message. This is a known bug also and is being looked at. If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know here or in game.

Thank you.