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01-26-2014, 10:21 PM
After i deleted my first orc city, i started again because i wasnt a fan of the swamp orcs. After that i started in the desert and once i got to the quest where you fight the ogres and they join your side, the game crashes, then i have to start my game up again, but when i come back, the ogres are invisible. I send my units to the area where the ogres are, and my units start attacking the invisible ogres, then i gain the invisible ogres. Invisible ogres may sound cool, but its not cool because idk who they are attacking and where they are most of the time unless i click their picture in the upper left corner. I deleted that city too, and restarted the orc 3 times and it crashed all 3 times after i started over.

01-26-2014, 10:32 PM
Thanks for reporting this. A Dev will reply soon. Also check your in box for that game link.

Konstantin Fomenko
01-27-2014, 01:11 PM
Really sorry to hear about this. So much a good first experience. In the game`s defense I can only say that a very small % of players are effected by these startup bugs.

The second time when you had invisible Ogres, restarting the game and the quest should in theory have helped (as we have various fail-safes against bugs, that restart of the game usually fixes).

With regard to the crashes on your current city, perhaps your user data file got corrupted. Please follow these steps to fix this:

1) Bring up Task Manager, Go to Processes, and if PnkBstr process is running please disable it
2) Delete your DoF user folder
-Click on the organizer button in any folder. And select Folder and Search options. Go to view, and under Hidden Files and Folders, or Drives - click show hidden files.
-Now navigate to C:/users/YOUR USERNAME/AppData/local/DoF/
-Delete that entire DoF folder