View Full Version : all my resources units and buildings are gone....

01-25-2014, 01:43 PM
i put my units in my base and was going to start to heal them(some were damaged like my lv 10 dragon hunter and my other high lv units) then a pvp fight started. no big deal i figured id fight it. when it started i had 4 units (a male warden, ranger, sentry, and female warden) no resources, and no buildings including my walls. i couldn't figured out how to get more people i figured it was a bug or something so i auto resolved. now i have a base that is almost identical to what i started with(my research isn't gone). this has gotta be a bug and i love the game but i don't want to have to restart with out being able to do the early quests and getting crowns. plus my dragon hunter is gone!!

is there anything that someone can help me with? my name is the game is NEXxREX im using the elves.

(EDIT) the only units i have were the siege units (3 treeants, and 3 bolt throwers) and 2 male wardens i had in an army in the world map.

i had 30k resource pop and a decent amount of resource plus the crowns i was saving up for the haven upgrade. but the buildings i upgraded can i not get them back?

Konstantin Fomenko
01-25-2014, 02:12 PM

Really sorry to hear about your town being effaced by this extremely rare bug. It usually effects 1 player in 1,500 players. The team is working on the issue - by this is mostly caused by brief internet stream corruptiong by Internet Server Provider, and not an easy issue to fix, but our team is committed to getting this sorted soon, so not even 1 in 1,500 players will get effected by this ever again.

We can offer you a comprehensive package with 100$ value. Including 5 CD keys to pass to your friends, and 10 codes for 120 Crowns so you can quickly start a new town and get everything lost back with-in hours.

Once again I~m really sorry and hope you can recover and continue with a new town, As I said this should not in all probability happen to you again. Please check your Forum PM for compensation details.

01-25-2014, 02:28 PM
thank you very much, the speed and amount of care you give your players is impressive i will definitely get my friends to play and let them know how you treat your players.

(edit) plus ill open a topic on the steam forums letting them know how you treat your players and tyr to resolve issues as fast as you do.

01-25-2014, 03:58 PM
Make sure when you give your cd keys to your friends that they refer you so you get a free Ice Dragon and another 120 crowns. :cool:

Some sound advice don't redeem all those codes at once, only use them as you need them. Never know if you will start another faction city you may end up joying later or what may come out for the game down the road. ;)