View Full Version : [Broken Mechanic] Asylum + Haven upgrade

01-24-2014, 02:20 PM
Summary: When you upgrade the Elvish faction walls with the Asylum and Haven upgrades the sections between the two walls are closed where no one can get in or out.

Repeatable: Yes

Steps: Create an Elvish empire. Build Asylum walls. Build Haven walls. Build any unit producing building between the walls or a Tree Symbiosis. Try and move the units in or out of the enclosed area. There are no gates so they are stuck.

Temporary fix: Go to world map, create an army with the stuck units. Transfer them back into city. But unfortunately if you create resources with a Tree Symbiosis there is no way to re-enter between the walls to harvest as seen in the attachment.

Attachment: Two pictures showing the enclosed area between the walls.