View Full Version : Orc fortress bug

01-24-2014, 01:26 AM

I have a problem with my ORC settlement ...

I'm up to the point where i can upgrade to a fortress to have wooden walls, etc. But the problem is that the circle where i have to click is gray and I can't click it. i have all the requirements to be able to build the fortress but for some reason it doesn't work.

I have the ''scroll of buildings'', i have the 60 crowns and also all the necessary resources. I tried to destroy some building near my town center but it did not make any impact. I read online about a similar case, they were saying that an admin would inspect his account to find where's the problem and fix it. I hope that it will be the same for me :D.



01-24-2014, 01:37 AM
I just found out that i have not finish my palissade walls yet, so is this the problem ?


Konstantin Fomenko
01-24-2014, 10:18 AM
Yes, you can only build large walls after palisade is done, as with Orcs two of these walls work together.