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01-22-2014, 11:08 PM
Good evening everyone, if you were not already aware, I am a diehard Orc player, and I love spreading terror to my enemies. These however, are not meant to instill terror, but rather to teach young orcs, goblins, and ogres what its all about! At times Humans and Elves may wish to leave the thread to steady their stomachs, shouldn't be an issue for Orc players however!

The Smart Goblin

Once upon a time there was a goblin who was no different than his fellows, no bigger, no smaller, but just right. Goblins, like orcs, love to wage war on any that even look at them funny, so it shouldn't come to surprise anybody that one particularly bloody week this goblins tribe was having a major disagreement with some nearby elf folk in their forests. At the chance of gutting a few tricksy elves, the goblins immediately armed themselves and marched as one, albeit a very chaotic and almost random one.

By the time they found the offending Elvin army it had already come to blows between the emissaries, bodies were strewn across the field, the wonderful stench of decay filled the air.Without a moment to lose, the newly arrived goblins joined into the carnage, all too happy to add their own blood to the mix. For days and days both sides waged furious battle, sometimes advancing, sometimes being advanced on. On one particularly bloody day, the elves were pushing the goblins back, nearly to the edge of the forest it self. When they seemed all but overwhelmed, goblin arrows rained down from the trees above, splattering elf blood all over the ferns and nearby tree trunks.

Unable to fight like true warriors, the elf cowards retreated back to their base leaving their injured to be executed immediately. During the rain of arrows however, one of the goblins had a drop, just a drop, of elvish blood land inside his mouth. None had ever actually though to taste elvish blood, yet this feeling from even but a drop made the goblins bones freeze and his blood to boil, he even thought of things he had never before thought. Simple things of course, such as where do babies come from, or why do elves smell so nice? Though simple the thoughts were, they were beyond his usual scope and he wanted more. He did not want to share however, so he could not just start chewing on the dead elf's, oh no, his comrades would think him mad.

In the dead of the night when all the torches, save those of the sentries, were snuffed out the lone goblin slipped away towards where the elves had retreated to. For what seemed like eternity he tip toed in the elves foot steps, nose seeking scents, and eyes alert for any sign of movement. None did he see until he saw the glow of the torches that circled their camp. Carefully, ever so carefully, he circled their camp until he was on the opposite side. Inhaling, he could smell the elves even from there, their bodies smelt strongly of ferns and pine, none of the filth that goblins rightfully smelled of.

Then he waited for all to go to sleep before he slunk into the camp, past the sentries, past the camp fires surrounded by grandmasters, and yes, past even the elves food stores. He was after a much bigger prize. At last he arrived at a tent that was but a shade deeper than the others, but it was enough to tell even the dim-witted goblin what lay inside. What was in there was not just any elf, but a elf of high birth, an elf with the richest of bloods. Like a shadow he stepped towards the bed, dagger ready for any that may leap to intercept him. But none came. He took a few steps closer to the noble, still none came. They were completely unaware that he was here!

With a grin upon his face he stared hungrily at the elf as he lay there perfectly still, as if asking for the goblin to take a bite, just one...He licked his scaly lips and plunged the dagger right into the elves lunges, causing blood to splatter onto the goblins face, instilling in him a frenzy of delight, down the dagger came again, increasing his frenzy. Many strikes later and still full of energy from the magical blood the goblin felt new thoughts enter his mind, terrible, devious thoughts.

'Why just go after the product, when one could go after its source?' he thought

Without hesitation the goblin dug out the heart and gobbled it down his gullet, freezing in place as it slid into his stomach. He had a plan, a brilliant plan that would bring much more of this intoxicating blood. His mission complete, the goblin slipped out of the camp and made his way back to his goblin brotheren. By the time he reached them it was the dawn of the next day and they all had already strapped on their armor in preparation of the next battle. In a slur of words and gestures he explained to them what he had discovered, how powerful the blood made him feel. It was not a minute later that elvish battle cries could be heard just in the distance. They must have discovered the noble, his heart torn out and his tent covered in blood.

Again the goblins formed their chaotic ranks, but this time the goblin who had partaken of the blood knew they must instead run.

Calling to his comrads he said, "Prowlers, fall back and hide in the trees! Raiders! Scatter! Make your way unseen behind them, do not strike them until i draw my sword!"

The other goblins, always obeying orders in-midst of battle, and with the thought of such power soon being theirs, did as he commanded. Soon the elves came and lay their eyes upon the goblin who was drenched in royal elf blood. At this sight, they drew their blades as one and at that moment the goblin knew victory was his. With their eyes only on him, blinded in their rage, the goblin retreated back into thicker trees, where the elves could not maintain their formations, where goblins would be able to out maneuver them. Carelessly they followed.

As the goblin stopped in a quite dense area of the forest the elves surrounded him and cursed him and all his brood for what he had done to their beloved leader. Instead of returning the taunts, the goblin nearly laughed as maniacle laugh as he drew his sword, dozens of elves instantly falling dead, poison goblin arrows sticking out from the chinks in their armor as more arrows began to rain down on them. Where the elves had thinned the line in order to surround him were instantly overwhelmed by numerous goblin raiders throwing themselves at them from the shadows. In but a few minutes, an army that had traded blows with them from nearly a month was defeated and every elf slain. To celebrate their victory, all of the goblins partook of elvish flesh and found it to fill their minds with power.

Their battle won, they set out to light the fire in the hearts of the orcs. At first they were hesitant to engage in warfare with the elves when already engaged with the humans, after all, the last time they had terrible casualties. Once the Orc Chieftain had but a taste of elf flesh however, his mind was made up. They marched to war.

For many years onward the elves, the orcs, and the goblins fought. It became so bloody that the Humans, who rarely dared stick their neck out for anyone unless it made them profit, attempted to end the dispute. This offer ended only in the death of many knights. From that, Orcs and Goblins also discovered that while not as powerful as Elf blood, Human blood still managed to temporarily quench their thirst for blood.

Their thirst however, would never be completely banished.

Hope you enjoyed this Orc Bedtime story, please leave feedback and commets bellow, and tune in tomorrow for "The Warg Who Ruled The Mountain"

01-25-2014, 06:25 AM
The little goblin had a nice journey! hope it will have many more :P


09-19-2014, 12:29 AM
very nice i love how gory your story was if i was an goblin i would raise a glass of eleven blood to this story

09-19-2014, 04:50 AM
:)) seems to me some has had one too many losses in game vs elves
orcs are really tough to use maybe you should try a easier race

09-19-2014, 11:47 AM
Is it really a good career move to insult who is by far the best Orc player I've ever seen? Note: Resources lost to orcish raiding parties led by Svulnar does not count as a bug, therefore any resources lost to his armies are not refundable by in-game moderators. :D

09-19-2014, 12:49 PM
Is it really a good career move to insult who is by far the best Orc player I've ever seen? Note: Resources lost to orcish raiding parties led by Svulnar does not count as a bug, therefore any resources lost to his armies are not refundable by in-game moderators. :D

You flatter me Zane!

Just because I have an extremely high success rate and know the ins and outs of orcs quite well doesn't necessarily make me THE best orc player. Though, it is nice to see you think so highly of me and my Goblin minions. :cool:

As for those raids... *dispatches the Gobin Trainee's to find the castle while the Goblin Horde razes another elvin city for the nth time.*

09-19-2014, 02:29 PM
If people are still interested in stories such as these, I might be able to work on "The Warg Who Ruled the Mountain" sometime in the next week, depending on how hectic my schedule gets.

09-19-2014, 05:33 PM
You definitely should, these are pretty good.

09-23-2014, 01:20 PM
I wanted to tell you guys that sometime within the next two weeks I will be trying to post the next "Orc Bedtime Story" which will be titled, "The Warg Who Ruled The Mountain" and right now it is quite the work in progress, but I believe by the time it is complete, you guys will enjoy it as much as "The Smart Goblin".

If anyone has feedback on improvements or criticism of the stories, feel free to post them, they actually help me immensely to improve the structure and story telling.

Until it is posted though, may your raids prove ever plentiful.

Svulnar, The Goblin King.

10-22-2014, 12:45 PM
This story is quite a ways over due, and while it is quite different than how I had envisioned it, I think you all will enjoy it. I would like to have you all keep in mind however, it is for the most part, from the view of a Warg, so things that seem common sense to us, is alien to them. Such as metal, or words. It is a bit shorter than "The Smart Goblin" but adding more to it currently would merely be fluff. Besides, who said these characters only ever get a single story?

The Warg who Ruled The Mountain

Once upon a time beyond the Orc lands lived the race of Man, more specifically, the men of the Rolling Plains. These men had no love for the land, nor for the beasts which inhabited it. As they continued to progress their cities, they continuously attempted to clear the forests of predators, an imbalance in nature. Many predators fled or were slain, yet one pack of Wargs refused to give man an inch.

The thrill of the hunt was invigorating when among pack brothers, their combined might bringing down even the mightiest of prey. Nothing could stand against them, not even the strange two-legged stone skinned. Swift-Claw was the pack leader, it was only through his leadership they had remained alive so long. Though all was not well in the pack, for Shadow wished to challenge him for leadership almost every week it seemed. While neither a great fighter nor a great leader, there was also Last-Runner. When the other Wargs would pull back and regroup, Last-Runner would instead fight alone. As a Warg one of the last things that one would want, is to fight alone, yet he did it constantly.

One day while out on a hunt, Swift-Claw halted as he picked up the scent of the two-legged stone skins. He turned to Shadow, pointing his nose in the direction he smelt them. Shadow departed without even a growl, while the rest of the pack patiently waited. And waited. And waited. The sun was nearly down when he returned, bringing news that it was a relatively small group and that they could all be upon them before night had fully fallen. With that they dashed forth, jaws hanging agape. The hunt was once again afoot.

As usual the pack surrounded the two-legged stone skins, unlike most prey they had a knack for fighting back. Once the light had vanished, the Warg pack struck with ferocity that the two-legs had learned to fear. Snarls filled the night, and blood drenched their pelts as they gorged themselves on their kill. It was short lived however, when Swift-Paw’s ears perked up. All around them were more two-legged stone skinned, but this time they seemed to have another slab of stone strapped to their arms. How they had approached without warning was unknown, but no Warg died without a fight. And many did die that night.

By the end only Swift-Claw, Shadow, and Last-Runner still stood against the two-legged stone skinned. Many of them remained, as the Warg’s strength began to diminish. Shadow was evasive, but he was no fighter, of the trio he fell first, to a stone sliver that struck his neck. Swift-Claw and Last-Runner fought long and hard, for every two-legged they killed, another took its place. The Rolling Plains would fall under their sway if they were to fall this day. But that day was a long ways off.

From the shadow of the trees a war-horn sounded that echoed through the clearing, causing the stone skinned to hesitate. From the trees emerged a single figure, one of great stature and strength, one who covered himself in the flesh of his prey. In his hands he wielded an axe that looked battle worn. As the stone-skinned turned towards the creature, it charged with a great roar erupting from its mouth in challenge. Many of the stone-skinned turned to face him, while more continued to fight the two Wargs. Swift-Paw lacked the endurance, and soon fell to one of their sharp stone sticks.

It then was only Last-Runner and the creature against such long odds. As Last-Runner fought, he spotted many times the creature that fought with him, who appeared to tear his enemies asunder in single blows, despite the bleeding from multiple wounds. The stone-skinned numbers began to diminish. By this point even Last-Runner’s endurance was waning, his movements slowing. Finally, he was unable to evade a kick from one of the stone-skinned, knocking him back a few feet into a tree trunk. Last-Runner was dazed, and unable to react, he watched as the stone-skin lifted his arms to end his life. Before he could strike however, the creature from before sunk his own weapon into the stone-skinned’s back.

Looking around the clearing, it was now filled with many corpses, those of his comrads, and those of his enemies. Yet while this stranger bled, he still walked and he had slain many of the Warg’s foes. The creature knelt to be on the same level as Last-Runner, the fire evident in its eyes.
“You’re strong, wolf beast!”

Last-Runner did not understand the sounds it was making, but the tone was enough to get the message across. The Warg tried to stand, but collapsed again to the ground, all strength having left him by now.The creature put his large and callused hand on Last-Runners head, “Rest wolf beast, I mend wounds.”

And mend them he did, and while Last-Runner slept, the creature stacked the stone-skinned into a pile and lit them on fire. When Last-Runner awoke, he was at first terrified of the fire, but being unable to move, he was forced to look into its depths. Eventually the fear faded, and was replaced by fascination. The next day the Warg was well enough to travel, and the duo traveled south.

They traveled to the forests of Thikkan Dal, the alliance between Orcs and Wargs had begun.

Feedback is welcome, and while it did not include an actual mountain, I would like to remind everyone that beasts likely see metal and stone as similar. So the mountain was the pile of Human corpses in their armor at the end.

10-22-2014, 06:03 PM
And once again Svulnar returns with some excellent content for the community! Keep up the good work man! :)

(on a side note, perhaps make a new thread and reserve some replies for new stories.)

(oh and one more thing, perhaps add text files for people to download and read? :))

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Well, this thread wouldn't really be Orc Bedtime Stories if it only had one story, now would it?

I suppose I could change the first post into an Index, and my second post having "The Smart Goblin". With the index noting the post number each story is listed on, and at bottom perhaps having a file for each story.

Though... can you add attachments when editing a post?

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just checked, it doesn't seem that you can D: perhaps link to a file sharing website where you can download it or a pastebin link instead?

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just checked, it doesn't seem that you can D: perhaps link to a file sharing website where you can download it or a pastebin link instead?

Never really used that sort of thing before... I guess I could use my wattpad account for it though. Essentially puts the stories online, so likely able to link with a simple url.

So, I am going to think about making the first page into an index with links, if that is alright?

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Works fine, a very nice website on mobile as well for maximum accessibility! ;)