View Full Version : Crowns missing

01-22-2014, 01:55 PM
I had about 130 crowns and now I have 2. I didn't buy any research and I haven't used the crown marketplace so I'm pretty sure I didn't spend them all. I may have made some sort of noob mistake that I'm not aware of but it seems like they just disappeared. Any solution to this?

01-22-2014, 02:00 PM
It is actually quite easy to spend these without noticing, but bare with us and we will looki into this for you :)

01-22-2014, 02:13 PM
If so call out to me in chat.

01-22-2014, 02:35 PM
I bought the slayers spaulders and helmet and that was all, I think they cost about 4 crowns a piece. Thank you for refunding my crowns.

01-22-2014, 02:37 PM
Just take care on what your upgrading and the costs of this :) You have got me on a happy day :P