View Full Version : Different bugs

01-08-2014, 10:35 AM
Aright so i would like to report several bugs:

First bug is located in Taltos

When you enter view on the world map in this region there is an elf camp which got a couple of the following buildings (Tree Symbiosis) and those buildings got Symbiosis plots and for some reason your wizards can attack them, and gain experience for it, i tried with all my units but its only the wizards who can attack it.

Second bug is located in Erthee L'Bala

When i attacked a stronghold following problems happend:

almost all my units was assigned to groups when i started the battle

my Hero was assigned to "Home group"

my grandmasters was assigned to group 1

my blade masters is assigned to group 2

my sentries was assigned to group 4

my female wardens was assigned to group 8

and my treants was assigned to group 0

+ my enchanters was not assigned to any groups and i couldn't assign them to any groups.

Third bug is in my home city in Taltos region

The bug is in my city called Faylea, for some reason i can build 4 elven residence every time i log on, but whenever i go out of my city i lose the 4 residence, Could you please change so i can't build any more residence, or let me build my 4 last atleast.