View Full Version : DnD and other fantasy games

01-07-2014, 04:23 AM
I have played DnD for almost a year, its probably one of the best table top games I have played. I am posting to create a discussion of DnD and other fantasy games (table top or console/computer)

To get the conversation rolling (like a d20) I would like to know what have you heard about DnD Next...which is suppose to be the next generation of DnD after 4.0 flopped due to simplifying the game. I have looked myself for some rule changes but all I have found is what the next generation character sheet will look like.

Also if the forums had a random number generator I would totally be up for DM'ing a forum based DnD game. =) So forum people please add a random number generator I would like to see if a DnD forum game would work or be popular (since this is a fantasy forum site).

Anyways please post any info you might have or find about the new DnD and share the knowledge lol