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Konstantin Fomenko
01-05-2014, 12:58 PM
<img style="padding-right:3px;" align="left" src="http://www.dawnoffantasy.com/icons/newsicon.png" />The long awaited Pathfinding Update is finally here, in Patch 20, bringing with it improved performance and a new way of controlling units. Also included as part of Patch 20 is an early release full preview of the free Kingdom Wars: Arcana expansion - giving current players a chance to try out the new units, spells and buildings before the official launch of the expansion to coincide with a big promotion later this month. Please keep in mind that this huge update is and early access release - thus containing some bugs, and stability issues. We will follow up with a patch in a few days to fix most of potential crash issues and other balancing problems and bugs.

Patch is Live!

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Patch # 20

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
- New Pathfinding system implemented
- Pathfinding performance boost
- Ability to set orientation of selected units
- Fifteen new spells to Research and Cast
- Arcana Main Menu Updated
- New Unit - Wizard of the Calm (Hero)
- New Unit - Wizard of the Deep (Hero)
- New Unit - Wizard of the Wave (Hero)
- New Unit - Hydra (Large Single Monster)
- New Unit - Minotaur (Monster battalion)
- New Unit - Rootant (Magical Plant-based siege unit)
- New Building - Wizard's Tower (variant for each race)
- New Building - Guild Hall (variant for each race)

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
- AZERTY keyboard option (maps ZQSD for camera instead of WASD)
- Re-skilling units in multiplayer re-enabled (limit once per battle)
- Improved Localization for Tutorials and other dialogue (Italian, Spanish, German and French)
- Increased View mode timer from 20mins to 30mins
- Increased Army vs Army timer from 20mins to 30mins
- Increased Army vs Homeland timer from 40mins to 45mins
- New magic-themed Intro scenario
- Additional anti-hacking and anti-exploit detection and counter measures
- MOD and DEV tags impersonation detection and auto-ban
- Various Ban, Chat Mute e.t.c features for Game Moderators
- Improved fire FX art

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
- Greatly reduced benefits to high level units, by reducing skill point gain
- Additionally reduced distance in terms of strength between low and high level units
- Reduced basic unit health regeneration to 10hp/sec max
- Orcs: Ogre,Goblins and mounted got a boost
- Elves: Grandmasters and Mounted Grandmasters got a boost
- Humans: Minor changes and tweaking to majority of units
- Dwarfs: More resilient than ever especially vs spells
- Rams are much better at destroying Gates

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01-05-2014, 01:11 PM
Gj guys! looking so much forward to it! :) i'll be doing some streaming of the new stuff! to show of to new players :)

Alex Walz
01-05-2014, 01:21 PM
Looks terrific! :D

01-05-2014, 02:41 PM
It's time to kick ass and chew buble gum, and i am all out of gum

Konstantin Fomenko
01-05-2014, 03:17 PM
And we are live!

01-05-2014, 03:30 PM
Let the games begin! Thanks in advance for all your hard work!

01-05-2014, 04:51 PM
Update look great, great job devs ! btw does anyone know how can I download the game from the website ?

01-06-2014, 12:41 AM
so i've been trying repeatedly to play the game after the update and each time i experience crippling lag and i cannot play. Please help!

01-06-2014, 07:45 AM
ya same thing, lag is far to crazy and I have a great computer and played before with no issues.
will take a break from the game until its better no way I will risk buying a mage to lose him in all this lag either.

Konstantin Fomenko
01-06-2014, 11:33 AM
Guys - we could really use more info on the lag issues - as this is one thing we haven`t been able to reproduce. Two questions:
-How good are your comps - Quad CPUs?
-Does the main menu lag that crazily as well, or just inside Online Kingdom?
-Are you using Steam version of a client or our own client?

01-06-2014, 12:28 PM
I am using a I7 quad I guess, 16 gigs of ram, 670 GTX ninvida Card. Using the steam version.

Lags in online kingdom mode, in battles, homeland, world map, everywhere. The title screen is also laggishy from how smooth it used to be. Hope that helps you Kon!

01-06-2014, 12:41 PM
im using steam version, it is only inside the game, not at the menu (menu actually seems faster) and i have the AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor, 3400 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
(copied that from system info) and i dont understand why i lag, i had my computer built a year ago specifically to game and it runs everything perfectly, every game up till now was perfect, why is your game so laggy?

its very annoying, please do something! i cant do much of anything other than build, and even then it lags hardcore when i place buildings.

Konstantin Fomenko
01-07-2014, 11:34 AM
Thanks for the report guys!

If you don`t mind it would really help us if you could try this:

1) Lower all visual settings to the lowest, restart the game (for setting to take effect) - and confirm if lag is the same?

2) Create a new town - does it lag as much?

3) And this is way more time consuming but could you please try installing the game using our own client and see if it helps with the lag?

01-07-2014, 01:48 PM
I have it on lowest settings, still lags the same on my old pre-arcana city, I made a new post arcana city and have been playing it for about 60 min, and there does seem to be less lag (so far) And I'll install your client and try it then get back to you, 2 hour download and i have to go to work, so i wont be able to report on that until tomorrow/later tonight.

I've also noticed that on my pre Arcana cities the Hydra and minotaur pictures in the market are just blank white Squares, whereas on this new city they are actually pictures of the units.

Home City lag is almost non-existent, and when im on the world map it runs smoothly on the new city. If it is ok with you guys im going to ask some fellow players with pre arcana cities and lag issues to make new cities to see if they have the same results as me.

After about 2-3 hours i've noticed lag starting to creep up on me, installer is done though so im going to swap to that.

Ok, played about 60 minutes on the installer on my pre arcana city, alot of the lag issues appear to be gone. It's probably an issue with the steam client, though i still get random bouts of extreme lag.

01-07-2014, 07:54 PM
using your guys launcher I do not lag at all anymore, must be the steam launcher that has the issues. Thanks Kon!

Konstantin Fomenko
01-08-2014, 01:17 PM
Thanks guys - looks like we can confirm there is a lag issue, which is still there in our launcher, but greatly effects Steam launcher - we should have this sorted for patch 22 later this week.

01-09-2014, 12:20 AM
Thank goodness its not just me. The pc specs you mentioned are like twice the recomended.

2.4 GHz Intel® Core 2® Duo or AMD® processor
2 GB RAM (XP), 3 GB RAM (Vista)

My question is if I have lagged since beta and still cant manage to comfortably move about my Elf town with only 20 archers in it is will I ever be able to run the game smoothly on my PC ? (Same problem with all civs.)

I use a dual core 2.6 ghz and have 4 GB RAM

I was told that the game had problems running on xp so I upgraded to win 7 with no luck, quit for a while and came back with the pathfinding fix. still no dice :(

any thoughts?

01-09-2014, 02:49 AM
It now takes me AGES to log in. Used to only take about a minute to fully load in. Now it's closer to 10 to get logged in to the game, then about 30% of the time it crashes to desktop once it gets IN game.

Never had any of these issues prior to the patch. In fact I don't think I ever had a single instance of the game crashing before, just once where it locked up and I had to ctrl+alt+del. I am also going through steam so hopefully this is related to the issue mentioned. Though once I get in and it doesn't crash, I'm actually running better than ever, no lag in game for me at all.

Also, my dwarven miners now just stand around when they fill up. I have to tell them myself to take loot to the main tree when they used to seem to have done it the same way as wardens did. Extremely annoying as it is now pointless to have dwarven miners, who is going to stand there and micromanage each one to see when it fills up to run it back and forth?? Do I now need to get a horsecart or something for them to work like peasants or is this a bug?

Very bittersweet patch atm, lots to love but a few things that just suck too lol. I really like the additional units. Does the Guild Hall actually DO anything?? Hopefully the next one we get is the 'whole-bunch-more-varied-quests-and-maybe-separating-the-people-talking-so-they-aren't-stabbing-each-other-during-the-conversation' patch. Yeah, it's a long name, but would be good stuff ;)

**Roofus, I'm guessing you have tried lowering the settings a lot? Grass in particular caused me loads of issues despite having a vastly superior computer to what was asked, any time more than 1 group of units wanted to move together it was disastrous. Turned off grass and shadows and now it's only when I try to make an entire army move at once, which I sort of expect with so many moving parts in an indy-developed persistent online world**

01-09-2014, 03:45 PM
Some players are having no problems , and some are. Heck even a lot got a performance boost where as the rest can't even run it. It's all over the place. Iv never had lagged issues ever, till after patch so we are looking at what needs to be changed or fixed. We will keep you updated as we look into fixing these bugs.

01-09-2014, 05:47 PM
**Roofus, I'm guessing you have tried lowering the settings a lot? Grass in particular caused me loads of issues despite having a vastly superior computer to what was asked, any time more than 1 group of units wanted to move together it was disastrous. Turned off grass and shadows and now it's only when I try to make an entire army move at once, which I sort of expect with so many moving parts in an indy-developed persistent online world**

Yeah it looks like im playing minecraft

01-10-2014, 05:28 AM
Turning off advanced logging seems to have helped my performance alot.

01-12-2014, 11:45 AM
Turning off advanced logging seems to have helped my performance alot.

I did that aswell and I have noticed smoother gameplay.

Konstantin Fomenko
01-12-2014, 01:00 PM
Good find - I think this might be causing the lag for half of the players - we are disabling this on default and removing the option in patch 22.

01-12-2014, 08:58 PM
Have you considered decreasing the amount of units in a squad by 1/2(1/3 for orcs maybe) and increasing their hp/dmg to compensate---it might help with the movement lag.

For units that have a single squad member(ogre mage hero and dragon) nothing would really change for them in terms of hp and dmg.

The reason i suggest this is orcs are pretty much the laggyiest race--more units per squad is going to do that,and currently it is possible to field 1800 units on each side,3600 total--not including the npc's.Which is great,don't get me wrong,but currently it's to much.

Doing this,if of course it worked as intended and does solve the pathfinding lag issue,should also improve co-op play since less calculations should mean less info needed to be sent.It would also strengthen the player base,as alot of people leave not because the game isn't fun,but because it's hard to enjoy a game that can be,at times,difficult to play.

I have never heard anyone say anything bad about the idea of this game.The only complaints i have ever heard from it,is bugs and lag(and maybe balance :>) You guys are great at getting the bugs,balance comes with time,but the lag is just killing it.

I also know you want large scale battles,as players so do we.However I do believe many of us would be just as happy with smaller scales that worked smoothly,and even if it where just a temporary measure,it could go a long way in keeping players active,and not just checking back every few months to see if its been fixed yet.

I'm hoping I'm not stepping on anyones toes or insulting anyone(if i did it wasn't intentional).I know the team has put alot of work into the game,and reducing squad sizes might be seen as a step backwards,however if it let's the game move forward I say grab the chopping board.The hydra's are sexy by the way,have not yet tried out the mages,have seen one in pvp and in the twitch stream other day,they look promising.Also Minotaur ftw :>

Edit: I meant to add you could cut unit sizes down,not increase their hp or dmg,but decrease the hp and damage of single unit squads as well.I also understand not all the lag is caused by pathfinding--it's odd that on day of patch it seemed to work nicely,but now it's laggy again,not as bad,but I still think co-op and pvp would see performance increases with decreased squad sizes.

Konstantin Fomenko
01-13-2014, 09:33 AM
This is something we`ve been thinking about. There is a chance we`ll go ahead with this change very soon. Probably not only for the Orcs but all races as well decreasing number of units in battalions to 15.

01-13-2014, 09:50 AM
Whatever solves the problem works for me :) but yes the team is doing a great job! so keep it up

01-13-2014, 07:19 PM
Even if its just a temporary measure no one will mind increased performance.

I also think it might be beneficial to include some basic monitoring commands--like fps ping and such.

Anything that might increase performance,or help us determine which type of lag we are dealing with, gpu, cpu or internet--because let's face it,players are lazy and they don't want to work to find a solution(or reason) to problems :>

01-19-2014, 01:32 AM
When i login i find some of my worker inactive,always the same.They just stop to gather resource everytime i logout.And if you follow them,many are going around the map instead of working.It only happens to me?

01-19-2014, 10:19 AM
No this happens to me too. My orcs laborers and men peasants are inactive when i log on or come from a siege or quest. Most of the time they wander around the map and sometimes the go to work at a different place then i ordered them to work. It's frustrating, but it should have been fixed with the patch that was supposed to be released yesterday. What's the ETA on the patch now?

Konstantin Fomenko
01-20-2014, 10:11 AM
These issues will be fixed in a few hours in patch 22. Also we tried something to decrease visual lag - perhaps it`ll be enough without having to reduce battalion numbers. Also please check the new labourers (one the patch is live) - we decreased laborer battalion size - as it`s the most commonly used unit on the Orcish homeland - that should help quite a bit on lower end PCs trying to play Orcs.