View Full Version : PVP dont search at all, once it did... but i need solution

11-16-2013, 07:31 AM
so ... i have been trying to find pvp matches all the time, with my gampaign map army, so yeah .. everytime i press PVP .. the screen goes black for the moment and zooms in cinematic army vies with pvp search options .. well ... why do i know that is my broblem ? I just got first time EVER in PVP match ... but .. it didnt zoom to the ground army vies cinematic at all .. unlike there when you search for random player opponent, it takes like .. hmm .. 0.5seconds ? and says "no opponents found ..."

this time when it DID NOT zoom, it actually searched like .. 4-5 seconds!

most importantly .. TADAAAAA...

i was seriously cheering!

but havent worked 5 attempts after that anymore :S ... so ... it still throws me to that cinematic thingy

anyone got solution for this ?

if someone does not know what i mean by cinematic army view, its when you pres PVP and camera zooms your troops to the background :)

anyways, i watched few youtube videos from PVP ... and pretty much NONE had this "cinematic" thing when they pressed for searching pvp matches ...i checked my firewall allready, and verifyid game cache .. but yeah ... back in the beginning :)

and yeah, if someone didnt get this one, i am in online kingdom, haha

so solutions ?

ill be gone for few hours, but ill be coming after that back here to check if someone got solution :)