View Full Version : Ai and combat improvement.

08-18-2013, 09:06 AM
First of all, i started playing this game a few days ago and i have to admit it got lot of potential.
Problems come when it's battle time. The soldiers AI is basically the worst i've ever seen.

You need to keep babysitting them or they'll just start running in circles around a enemy without attacking it.
When charging toward an enemy unit, your soldiers will just run to the original enemy location, regardless if they moved or attacked you.
Attack move doesn't work with archers, they'll just stop moving after their first visible target.
Units get stuck everywhere.

Another little problem is the unit regen during combat. Ok, maybe the idea of making your troops regenerating units when not getting attacked during a fight is rather good, but with the actual Ai there are situations where both armies are invincible.
I've tried to kill a group of knight inside a city for 3 hours, with my soldier getting stuck, walking around without attacking and whenever i was able to kill one, he would just regenerate.

Would be also nice adding a formation option by holding down your right mouse button to make your army keep the actual formation when moving, like most rts have.

I don't know if there was already a topic about all this but 37 pages are too long to check.

So yeah, units and combat Ai need to get a big improvement.