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08-17-2013, 05:07 AM
new to the forums
played along time though, sometime beginning of last summer
im pvp orientated now but done everything in the game
game badly needs a proper wiki, go see wiki's for other games the detail is amazing
every unit lvl by lvl every city inch by inch
all skill points added info
the hp of every mob
a good wiki is a piece of art to behold
but needs a massive input of time and the wiki info HAS to be correct, people put great store by them
so any1 interested in doing a massive game wiki, inc all guides fact stats and figures for the game
post here
needs a lot of people who know the game for it to work and if any of you haven't seen the detail wiki's needs google a big game wiki like runnescape or wow
this isn't something to leave for the devs the time involved is astronomical and needs a lot of long term players to achieve the right results
soif your an expert on gold gather spots or pro on the pvp scene u concentrate on your area of expertise

sorry its a bit rambling not used to forums :)