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08-04-2013, 08:09 PM
So I have been playing the game for a few days now, it is very addicting! Thank you Dev's for making such a great game. From what I hear it was just a few of you on your own using what you had to create this game. Now you are reaping the fruits of your labor so again I say well done.

Now to my suggestion,

I have noticed a lack of magic in this game. The dragons are extremely fun to use however I would like to see some mage action. Being a high elf player I feel like my mages or rather my "enchanters" do not to much at all on the battlefield. They feel more like druids. This is where I would like to see some addition to the game.

High Elves are supposed to have the best mages in the game (I remember reading that somewhere) So I suggest giving them new powers. Sinse we are a forest dwelling race it would make sense to have powers such as the following:

Call lightning


Stone Armor

Thunder strike


Those are just a few suggestions I would like to see added to the high elf Enchanter class. It would make using them much more fun and give them more of a purpose to bring with an army rather than using them to summon treants and bolt throwers. I would much rather seeing a race that is supposed to have the best mages show that on the battle field with deadly effect.

I also suggest giving Orcs shamans and humans wizards. It would add more flavor to their armies and give the players of that army more interaction. I would also suggest having these two as well as the Enchanter be a ranged class. Honestly I only bring max 2 enchanters to a siege because other than summoning siege equipment they have no purpose in the greater scheme of things.

Bottom like please make the "mages" of the elves more magical and give mages to the other races. Thank you for your time and consideration :cool:

08-13-2013, 06:36 PM
That is exactly what i thought, in most games im a mage/wizard "diablo/skyrim/etc" and i chose elves due to there magical background and lore but upon playing for even an hour i realized magic was more skill based, collection and gathering was magical but actual combat wasnt... amazing game and dev team are 10/10 but magic is a huge boost to many peoples play so i'll ask about it next time i speak to my boss and hopefully we'll see lots of mini gandalf's, harry potters and explosions in the near future. thanks for the post :D

08-18-2013, 08:57 AM
ah haha chris :p i would love to mages in game maybe even make them a race i think magic and mages would rly boost this game to the top :cool: