View Full Version : Elite leveling

07-26-2013, 09:31 AM
Hello, little report about Elits units :

for Any elits : if you train them at town, during level from 1 to 20, they will go on battlefield with the same amount of exp needed by regular units, to go on the next level.
i.e High Knights : leveled in town to level 19, show and must stock 400 pts to reach the level 20. in the battlefield, prob reset once this unit got his next level.

Dragonslayer: hit less than usual, (rate of "fire") : start with 2 pack of champion Dwarf, high knights, dragonslayer. each of those pack at their wells. So 6 Elits in test, and for both pack the result is :
starting fight time 0 seconde : High knight 30, champion dwarf level 5 to 7, Dragonslayer 25.
End of fight, Time + 20 minutes : High Knight 33, champion Dwarf 29, Dragonslayer 29.

Level aren't accurate, but it's to show you how Dragonslayer level realy more slowly than usual.

with the same 2 pack, next battle at wells : Champion dwarf are level 35, dragonslayer 32.

No idea if the dragonslayer work as intended, it's just a feeling they are realy hard to level, comparing to 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Little report done, have a good day !