View Full Version : Co op Siege not giving rewards

07-24-2013, 11:35 PM
Hi I did 2 hour long co op sieges of Denwall both times my ally said he got a complete message and left but for me it showed him disconnect. I got nothing but the pay out sign when I try to leave. Its really irritating to waste all that time and get no crowns.

Plus I kept walking around at the end looking for something to kill and my dwarven rifle men walked over those stupid spike traps so I actually lost crowns winning the co op. Can you plz check into this somehow and give my just rewards?

the 2 people I co op with were


both of them got a complete message and I didn't get anything and they got rewards

07-26-2013, 01:10 AM
hi there ok the problem seems to be with the connections maybe the game thinking that because they leave after winning that means there abandoning you and that is obviously not the case, i'm not completely sure but i'll ask for you and get back to you asap, just know im working on it, as my favorite thing to do in game is coop any problems with it is an issue :) take care and have fun, add me in game "ComedyChris" and i'll give you some gold and resources for your trouble, :)

check this post every few hours for a reply as i will solve it asap, give me positive rep with the little green button on right hand corner and have fun in game.