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07-17-2013, 09:19 AM
Greetings here !
so today my little list of prob :

the weird one : Bug on skill point, 1 of my 3 unit level 14 dwarven Rifflemen reset their skill point, after each reload of the game, happen's in town or in battlefield. And for the 3 unit, i can't set their skill point correctly, often locked on false limit, mostly about range. i noticed in any unit, if you reset the skill point, some stat stay locked as they was set definitly. Attack, range, health, can be random.
Maybe the prob with my riflemen and this old bug is linked, no idea.

Training Ogre : you can't fight with the same Ogre's army more than once, if you finish a battle, start another (with another pack of ogre), and you want to fight with the first, once they are healed in a camp, game crash, even if they aren't in camp, or moved from the last location etc...

Pathfinding of Laborer (build mode) : The pathfinder of laborer is perfect concerning the "construct part" i.e house, temple etc...if you set 2 unit of laborer, the first who finish will help the other. But concerning wall, it's another story, you must set your laborer to construct in any little part of wall or palissade, once 1 part of wall is finished, the are in springbreak mode. even if there is a new part of wall to build next to them.

Warg : they lost their level once you reload the town screen, not to mention the real difficulty to level them, and finaly they have skill point open, but you can't change anything, they have a good tactic skill who can be nice agains heavy armored unit. so Bring Decent Wargs to my Ogre ! you can't believe how it's hard to look at your Ogre, crying a river, cos he lost wargy...you know, moral of army down, etc.. so please help Orc army to be happy !

well i stop, and more than usual, freacking sorry about my basic english.

07-18-2013, 05:52 AM
I had a similar issue today with skill point. Someone attack my hometown, so i prepare my army, every units were lvl ten. The battle begins and i noticed that, even if all skill points were attribuate, it was like my units were lvl 1: No regen, no resistance, no health... But there was any skill points available.

So i re-attribuate skill point, but when i put some on regen or resistance: nothing happend, excet the availables point which disapeared !

And defend a town with the strenght of an full army lvl 10 with only "level 1" units, is pretty hard... I loose 3 Slayer lvl 10 et 2000 gorld, because i have to surrender...:(

Here are my logs





07-18-2013, 07:19 AM
Hello here, finaly i "fixed" my rifflemen prob, could work for any unit :
First of all do not reset Skill point of your unit in your town, do it in regular battlefield, usualy all is fine there.
If skill point are reseted in town, and already set with wrong stat to you ((i mean realy wrong) an old bug show false value on unit i.e unit got 9 regen /s but show 36/s) :
1: Reset skill point of your unit.
2: fight somewhere with another army, must have the loading thing of battlefield
3: back to your town, merge the skill wounded unit (reseted) with an army waiting outisde town
4: fight somewhere with another army, must have the loading thing of battlefield
5: Back in your town, send your reseted unit inside and set their skill point.
6: fight somewhere with another army, must have the loading thing of battlefield
7 : finaly check your unit, at this point it must be fine, But..if the value aren't good to you, do not change that yet, just send them inside the town to walk a bit, a true value will appear.
I;e My rifflemen got 500+ attack 1020 ranged, but when i check them at the first loading, they show 500 ranged, walk a bit, and 1020 is back in range.

Those step worked for my rifflemen unit who was always reseting herself their skill point after each reload.
For step 2 - 4 - 6 : this can be changed by a game reloading, no idea, it"s not the way i used. I describe exactly what i do to "fix" it, so the dev can see what's wrong with more accuracy.

As usual, Sorry for my basic english.

Good day folks !

07-18-2013, 05:01 PM
Thank you for the logs, I'm glad you found a work around. Thank you for the very detailed steps we are looking into this and should have a hot fix soon.

07-19-2013, 09:41 PM
No idea if it was the purpose of the server down today, but well done on patch. No crash, all clear, i noticed better pathfinding of my unit, where i'm used to train them, in rolling plains. and every reset on skill point worked perfectly, in town, during fight, etc..So : Good job Devs ! (it sucks, i'm getting to be a fanboy:mad: )