View Full Version : Wall upgrades bug

06-28-2013, 09:24 AM
I built the castle upgrade ( inner walls ) in my human settlement in southmont a couple days ago and once they were finished I of course started building defenses.
Once I started building an oil pot on the norhtern gatehouse ( wich I imediatly upgraded from a normal gate to a gatehouse ) it clipped trough the floor, the second one Iīve built instead built on a nearby bastion, and it considered both the bastion occupied, and the gatehouse with 2 oil pots, so I built trebuches on the 2 nearby bastions and re-built both oil pots, now one is completely floating in the air left of the gatehouse, and the other is more or less in the center of the gatehouse, clipping trough the floor of course.
On the southern gatehouse instead, they built properly but when I logged back in they both were clipping trough the floor, though both inside of the building walls.
Also I built towers, and trebuches on them, but they also arenīt where theyīre supposed to be: one for example is halfway the tower height perfectly in the middle of it, so itīs difficult to properly target, considering it takes a good amount of tries before I actually click on it rather then the tower.
Last ones are the hoardings, they look like theyīre at the right height ( even though most arenīt on the wall but slightly off it ) and one actually is invisible ( or clipping inside the wall, thatīs possible as well ).
I donīt know about stone tippers as I havenīt built a single one but i guess theyīd be off their position as well.
Is there a way to fix it?