View Full Version : you wish you had me on the idea board

06-27-2013, 02:56 PM
alright bros lets do this, idea time.

BAM, FORTRESSES: that's right you heathens, 90 pop seige magnets with absolutely no production capacity. Why get one? Because it stores five times the amount of your crappy city and can hold more gold than your armies combined. Why attack one? For the gold you idiot. Also you can choose to reroute your city being attacked to your fortress, and if your fortress falls then your city can burn. Next idea.

LAWS OF THE WILD GIVE BIRTH TO FUN: You talk about naval warfare? Why would i get on a smelly boat with a bunch of men if it wasn't a FANTASY CRUISE? We need a reason to brave the high seas. My idea? Second continent, uninhabited by civilization and just BEGGING TO BE SUBDUED AND TREATED LIKE A PROM DATE. I'm talking COLONIES brah, Alliance territorial control, SHORTER attack protection timers and NEW RESOURCES. This will be where we take the water wings off and let the noobs drown in the glory of the wolves, then they can paddle back to the homelands.

ATTACK TIMERS: Why should people be safe when wandering around with a boatload of troops? Separate the city attack timers from army attack timers. You get NO attack protection if you assault someone, and if your army gets attacked you get 5 minutes to haul the blooded remains back home before your army protect drops. keep city protection at the hour mark if it is attacked.

I'M DROWNING IN GOLD AND PORK: You know what this game needs? More realism! bring in the reflex sights, particle bloom and CHEST HIGH WALLS. Nah jk, but why is my army never hungry and don't ask for wages? Let's have a gold sink so we have to afford the armies we field, and they have to carry enough food with them or you got some angry troops. I could do with more logistical planning and LESS GOLD!

MORE CONFLICT, MORE RIVALRY: Alliances need to become real factions with a true brotherly bond. How accomplish dat? By making them hate the other guys! Alliance wars need to be implemented ASAP so we can give the alliances a good amount of time to build up the HATE against each other! "but why fight, guy? I just want to play farmville.." Here's why, Because BADADA: new alliance only resource (i dont have a name for it, that's your job. god dude do i have to hold your hand while you write script too?) that is obtained only through alliance v alliance conquest. Use said resource to build and manage an ALLIANCE CAPITOL, that's right. If other games have guild halls, we need us a big ol city to congregate in and compare sizes. ARMY SIZES, what did you think i meant? "but how will alliances be able to fight eachother?" BADADA: alliance wars, declare war on the enemy to ignore outside attack protections. This will set a second attack protection timer against that alliance specifically.

YOU SEEING A TREND YET? HUH?: Overall the game is too easy, i should feel like having a massive 60 squad army of elite super soldiers is an accomplishment worth bragging about. And i should be desperate not to lose that army. Oh and if you're looking for a way to avoid 'afk alliances' when it comes to territorial pvp control, just make a king o the hill style capture point in various spots that go up in a constant rotation over periods of time, as long as one army from a faction remains in said city/fortress/zone completely unchallenged, they get the zone.

thats pretty much it, if you don't have most of this stuff already in development then rest in peace reverie