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06-27-2013, 10:51 AM
Steam Link For Same Issue:


Tried everything above, tried online and off, set false value to true, nothings check, still have most updated card drivers and the like and it just freezes for me in combat. I say freeze because you will hear the audio loop till in unfreezes and it happens when your loading units into the menu, issuing them orders, simply selecting them... its odd.

I have tried everything on these links:



And yes I really did. For real. Twice. Including uninstalling the game, then steam, then removing registry values for both items - manually - and reinstalling both. Not a sync issue, value is set to true and every game I play does not lag. Games like SCII (Extreme settings), DOTA II, CS:GO and the like play with no problems, my machine nor my internet is causing the issue besides the possible XP OS issue. All drivers are updated, no I don't have a firewall up and when I do it is on the exception list as well as Mithrill. That being said this small list of things I tried should not be limited to what you think I tried, I tried everything suggested already. Really.

I have tried to play the game with the independent launcher from this site with no luck, looking through the logs it looks like it can't find certain models right away by "name" but I am no programer so I can not say I can contribute to this matter besides including logs. No reply from support by mail so here are the logs again.






Thank you for looking into this issue.

Also after re reading my post I want to say I do not mean to come across as rude, I understand you are a small team working to get the game developed while also fixing any problems and hiccups along the way.

06-27-2013, 12:56 PM
We can help you further please email us @ support@reverieworld.com while we look into your issue.