View Full Version : Hold Position and others bugs.

06-26-2013, 03:52 AM
The "Hold Position" is in serious trouble!
I put archers in towers, and when they realize they leave the place and Decem the wall!

This is very tricky, because in a battle, there's no command all units.

The least that is expected is that when you put someone on the fence, he should stay there, while ROTECTING that point do you use the strategy to move forward with the troops without worrying about the troops already positioned!

Please, make it in a strategy game, the orders given units are mandatory, if they are not obeyed can easily cause the defeat in battles that should be won!

Another major problem is the general orders of battles, the units clearly do not obey orders, sometimes u sends a unit to attack (mainly dragons and heroes), and suddenly they stop attacking and there are no trapping reaction!

Please now that launched a variety of new units, correct critical errors before the units we want, we prefer that already exist and are functioning. I showed the game to some friends that liked to, but will wait before buying patches, for fear of throwing your money away. With so many errors, a strategy game is not over strategy becomes a game of luck, and this is not good!

06-26-2013, 10:41 AM
Indeed, both are problems we will be fixing in the 2nd half of siegeworks (tenatively planned for late this week/early next week)

06-26-2013, 12:01 PM
A small bug that could be seen:
The archers when they are behind a wall, instead of throwing him over the arrows, throw them on the wall as if he did not exist.

Arranging this problem can also help a lot of people, because in addition to position archers on walls, would make for one second shipment of archers hiding behind to reach closest targets.

Is there a list of fixes being made so we can go with me?
Anyway, thank you so much attention! See the team watching the players rather strengthens the relationship, and certainly further increase the amount of sales, since direct advertising, it always ends up helping a lot!

Thank you!