View Full Version : Pvp problem

06-25-2013, 10:37 PM
Hi, i am playing orc and when i try to attack a city normally human, i start the fight if i doesn't lost the connection and it arrive often that i lost the connection but only with this game. After that , i start the fight and everything works before i reach the human castle then my troup became almost invincible and it's the same for some of my ennemies troops. But the problem is that every time the fight is about to end the game told me that the other player has left the fight or something like that. But for me, the unit i have lost are still lost and all the ennemies i kill during that fight are disapear and all the loot with it no corpse remain. So I lost unit and get nothing at all to bought them again. And it happen a lot of time i have 11 win and almost 6 of them are strange win like that.

Please help me to understant what mistake i make or what is the game problem ty. :)