View Full Version : Units not levelling

06-24-2013, 12:37 PM
I have been trying to evell up 2 dragons on the spyglass maps, they can reach new levels whilst in the maps and if I successfully exit the map they still show the new levels (sometimes the game gets stuck on the loading screen when I exit the map and the bar does not fill at all).
other units in the same army that level up also have the same problem.

When I log off or exit the game then log back on I find that the units have returned to their previous state (it is like the data is not being saved). In my city I can however use gold to buy crowns and move gold from army's to the city , this seems to be saved.

this problem does not seem to occur on my other city's. yet! .. I feel certain that this is a server issue as the game does get stuck on loading screens on this city, not really been using the spyglass or pvp battles on the other 3 cities yet.

player name:- ravenous
city name:-Dragon Lair

Update on this issue , I am now losing crowns as well from my city ... bought 4 crowns with gold that I harvested .. logged out ... when I came back they had all vanished. went from 138 to 142 crowns .. on logging back in they had gone back down to 138.