View Full Version : [UI] Character Creation Text Issues

06-23-2013, 04:24 PM
When creating cities, there are a number of UI issues, some that make it difficult to decide what to pick.

First, as mentioned prior, the actual text area needs to be moved up so it does not look like it is cut off at the bottom of the screen.

Next, text should be standardized. It seems there were several writing styles used when making the bonus lists (sometimes there is a space, sometimes the bonus is before or after, sometimes it has rate, ect)

A critical ommission is with the following: (what do they do?)

Erthee L'Bala - Swamp

Wood Trickle from trees and Forest Spirits +20%
Deer food generation +20%
Stone, Gold, Berry gathering rates -30%
Alchemy Lab income +10%
Alchemy Lab +20% cost
Symbiosis Resource Plot price +30%
All research +20% cost
All other tree buildings -25% cost
Warden Male, Warden Female, Ranger, Sentry -30%
Bladestorm, Enchanter, Grand Master +20%
Wardens +50% hitpoints, +25% damage
Ranger, Mounted Ranger - 15% cost